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Paolo B. International MBA
I must say that this MBA has really made the difference. Attending the international MBA online, I was fortunate to have amazing, extremely diverse and very close-knit colleagues, excellently guided by a truly top-notch faculty. So a challenging, hard course, but at the same time extremely satisfying and light precisely because of the knowledge attained.
Fraula D., Project Manager at Roche Global Master in International Management
I would recommend it to everyone who wants to have an insight into the business world, to create an exciting network, and meanwhile live and wake up every morning in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Sabrina I., now International Talent Acquisition at Cross Border Talents Global Master in Human Resources Management
Thanks to many role- plays activities we did in class, I was able to improve my public speaking and communication skills and team work abilities. I also explored different sectors within the world of HRM, learned how to develop a business plan, set a gap analysis, and define a marketing and employer branding strategy.
Rossella R. P., now Creative Copywriter at Digital Angels Global Master in Marketing & Sales
The Master's program answered my questions and at the same time asked me new ones, yet those very ones allowed me to make a decisive and conscious leap into my new present. The meetings with companies not only put me back in the game, literally out of my comfort zone, but also pushed me to know my limits and strengths. And not least, it is thanks to the Career Fair that I found my new job, playing a card that in another condition perhaps would not have been so lucky.
Gerald N., now Sales and Business Development Assistant at QuickClean srl Global Master in Marketing & Sales
The School’s Career Services staff provided 100% support for my internship opportunities, and have been by my side throughout every step of the process, making sure I would be placed in a working environment that could be suitable to my professional background and where I would be able to use my skills and knowledge at my best.
Giulia M., now Junior Buyer at LUISAVIAROMA Global Master in Fashion and Luxury Management Rome - Paris
I would recommend Rome Business School to anybody who, like me, after a completely different degree course, wants to learn and be prepared in something new related to another study path. I also recommend this master on the basis of my personal experience, which has been positive, encouraging and stimulating, as well as giving me the possibility to know an almost new reality, new subjects, new topics, new approaches and new people from different countries and with different backgrounds.
Zilola A., now Talent Management Officer at World Food Programme Global Master in Human Resources Management
I enjoyed the company visits. In fact, I believe the visit to FAO headquarters has played a part in keeping me motivated, regardless of the fact that the process took longer than I had initially expected. It was a great opportunity to gain insight into the organization from the inside and learn more about its impact on the fight against global hunger.


Henrique R. now Grain Trader at Olam Agri Brasil International Master in Agribusiness Management
RBS appeared as a good opportunity of studying from home in an environment that was not a normal method of study and linked to a global learning program. Networking while having classes with skilful professors with a practical view was truly the most valuable outputs from RBS
Marika M., now Intern International HR at French Red Cross International Master in HR & Organizations
I’ve chosen RBS since I fell in love with their international profile, the variety of courses and the specialization in such a demanding field like Human Resources. What I like about the course is that it goes deep into HR, with its very specialized formula and international professors with a long career in the field. I’m very excited to be joining the French Red Cross in Paris for an internship in international HR.
Léon D., now Associate Junior Data Scientist at Borsa italiana International Master in Data Science
I was looking for a valuable international environment, and that would have allowed me to have a study program suited to my full-time work rhythm. I was looking for a course that offered both Managerial and Data science knowledge, in order to give a new boost to my career. I discovered and saw all these things in RBS. 
Selin B., Digital Medical Manager at Novo Nordisk International Master in eHealth Management
RBS not only allowed me to learn from the world-class academics, but also gave me the opportunity to interact and share experiences with leading professionals from very different parts of the globe with a rich set of career paths. Professional life tends to get repetitive over time, and I cannot overstate how illuminating it was to interact and establish strong bonds with people that I can identify with and learn from them so much about the way global business works today.​
Elena G., now Marketing Intern at L'Orèal International Online Master in Fashion Management
Rome Business School supported me in developing my skills, resources and connections. The Masterclass on job search provided me tips in applying for the internship. During my work experience I will bring studying of the Fashion industry and skills in marketing, brand management and trend analysis with the aim to learn, collaborate and contribute to L’Orèal success.
Konstantinos P., now Self Emplyed in Agricultural Production and Trading Farming Company Peppas International Master in Agribusiness Management
One valuable aspect of Rome Business School is the expertise and experience of its faculty members. The school attracts professors and professionals who are knowledgeable in the field of agribusiness management. Their insights, guidance, and industry connections can greatly enhance your learning experience and provide valuable perspectives on the agricultural sector.
Eleonora T., now Senior Consultant at KPMG International Master in Sustainability and Circular Bioeconomy
My experience at RBS was instrumental in acquiring the skills that now allow me to be at the side of companies to support them in their transition to sustainable products. Specifically in the transition to sustainable products, processes and practices; in the creation of industrial symbioses that enable them to achieve a circular economy; in the implementation of new regulations that intergovernmental bodies and governments will issue in the coming years.
Stefano P., now Logistics Specialist at Bridgestone EMIA International Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics
I had immediately started interacting with the Career Service department that supported me in evaluating my CV and gave me the right tips to make myself noticeable in the market. I have recently taken over a position as Logistics Specialist at Bridgestone EMIA where I found an incredible team and excellent leaders that I am sure will give me continued motivation to keep on learning and improving while delivering the expected results.
Camilla P., now intern at IMPAKTER International Online Master in Agribusiness Management
I think that Rome Business School works best for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit. I for instance stood my chances with what the school offers and I am getting a whole lot back. Thanks to RBS I got a scholarship for executive women in business, which significantly lowered my tuition fee, and halfway through my Master in Agribusiness Management I found an internship as a project manager for a sustainability business tool.
Alessio M., now Allievo Business Controller at La Rinascente di Milano International Master in Fashion Management
Today I hold, thanks to the daily dedication and excellent brokerage service of the Career Services Department, a much sought-after position as a Trainee Business Controller at La Rinascente in Milan. Being part of this work reality today makes me proud and always motivated to do better and, every day, I carry with me that mantra distinguished also during the master's program, getting better and better to do better and better, consequently, also the people and the environment around me.
Itziar A., now in Disneyland Paris working in Customer Service International Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management
I decided to join the RBS family because already from the start I knew it would have opened me many doors to the job market. Giving me the opportunity to participate in meetings with companies operating all over the world, organizing fairs with HR representatives that could have been interested in my profile, etc. I currently work at Disneyland Paris, a large company where I will continue to grow both personally and professionally.
Matilde P., now at Rinascente International Master in Fashion Management
The Master has helped me both from a theoretical and a practical point of view thanks to the various jobs carried out during the lessons. Moreover, thanks to the master's programme, I had the opportunity to get to know colleagues from all over the world, creating dense networks of connections both on a personal and working level.


Vinicius B., now Operation Analyst at Hayer Europe Executive Master in Data Science
It has been only three months that I am studying at RBS, and I already have developed important soft, hard, and professional skills through classes, hands-on activities, and company meetings. I think it is important for one to always be working on skills that one thinks might be important for their career and personal life despite the skill.
Giulia P., now HR Administration Intern Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane
This master’s degree gave me the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and from different industries, accumulated almost for the most part by the same desire as me and who have now become friends. It has also given me the opportunity to come into contact with professionals from the HR world who have shared their experiences and advice with us.
Maurizio Strano, now HR Intern at Gi Group Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane
A few days ago I started an HR internship at Gi Group. I am thrilled since my goal in the medium term was to gain professional experience at a multinational employment agency. RBS has provided me with the skills and abilities necessary to help me achieve my goals. I tell my colleagues in the master that with tenacity, perseverance, passion and investing in themselves, anyone can achieve their goals, large or small, just as happened to me!
Nicolò D., now Product Manager at Lapis Urbe Executive Master in Marketing & Sales
In RBS, I found an International, Young and Dynamic environment that reflects exactly what I was looking for when I chose the institution. I have always believed to be fundamental, the importance of investing in relational capital, of focusing on the quality and care of relationships as the best means of creating trust towards interlocutors. I think it is important, and in my case it was, the opportunity that students have to meet with the people working in the Career Service to be able to discuss and possibly clarify with them aspects related to their own career.
Maria Vittoria V., now Account Manager at Injenia Executive Master in Marketing & Sales
After just 3 months of classes I have already obtained the carrier change I wanted. Rome Business School immediately struck me for its Career Service Department, it first of all helped me to clarify my talents, my potential and my motivational drives, and then it also provided me with the useful tools to capitalize on my skills. In particular, there was a meeting with Employer Branding experts and a test prepared by Manpower Italia that helped me understand which are my main talents and abilities. So I discovered that I could put versatility and “drive for innovation” into play in new dynamic professional challenges.
Claudia P., now HR Assistant at Medici Senza Frontiere Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane
Thanks to RBS, I had the opportunity to meet with/representatives from a variety of companies, including Doctors Without Borders with whom I am currently working. Fundamental in the world of work are active listening skills, flexibility and proactivity. Thanks to my master's degree at RBS, I acquired more skills in HR but not only, which I am putting to use in my current work experience.
Daria D., now Intern at Gi Group Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane
At a certain point in my personal and professional life I decide to change direction and take a new path thus enrolling in a Master's program in HR; a choice made with doubts and perplexity about my professional relocation at my age in a field where I had no experience. My idea was geared toward a Master's degree that would give me theoretical tools but above all would give me the opportunity to gain practical work experience, which was crucial for me. It is thus that by evaluating various factors and the presence of the career service, my choice fell on the Rome Business School.

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