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RBS Incubator

Impact of the RBS Incubator

21% of Rome Business School students and alumni are now entrepreneurs
90 startup projects submitted
11 startups incubated
50% of developed startups are now successfully on the market

The RBS4Entrepreneurship project has a noble character: in addition to providing equity-free educational and entrepreneurial development opportunities open also to entrepreneurs not enrolled in Rome Business School”

“Participants can benefit from a dimension of diversity that is rare compared to usual national incubation contexts – this diversity, quantifiable in the involvement of students from more than 57 countries worldwide, represents a fundamental asset for all stakeholders: we have brought to Italy more than 500 young international entrepreneurs generating startup projects in more than 21 market segments on a global scale“. Florinda Orsini Head of RBS Career Services and RBS4Entrepreneurship Program Director

Selected start-ups


An innovative and unique digital platform created to connect people with disabilities with fashion brands and tailors across Europe, making them accessible to all.

Backstage Members

A membership club offering an effortless luxury dining experience, creating a personalized and complete customer journey with the opportunity for crypto and NFT payments.


Technology that can convert carbon dioxide into green ethanol, a valuable industrial resource that can be used in the production of beverages, cosmetics, disinfectants and fuels.

The UNIverse

An educational service built on the blockchain that provides trainers with a new way to convey information through gamification of the metaverse


A fashion brand that creates 100 percent sustainable women’s clothing, operating through a circular business model in collaboration with resources from fragile groups, such as abused women, thus creating a positive impact at all stages.

Nils Wilhem, Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

“With this program, you discover aspects you initially don’t think about when you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, you learn a lot from one-on-one meetings with already established and successful entrepreneurs. The incubator really gives you the motivation and guidance to go in the right direction with the project you love.”

A very important observatory also for the analysis and detection of post-pandemic entrepreneurial development trends”

“Between 2021 and 2022 we witnessed a 70 percent increase in the development of projects in previously crippled sectors such as tourism and agritourism. In cultural startup ideas we note a decline in blockchain components and an increase in the physicality of services and products. The themes of circular economy, social impact, and sustainability, to date the accumulating characters of 85 percent of the projects developed in RBS since 2021, remain nice and firm.” Florinda Orsini Head of RBS Career Services and RBS4Entrepreneurship Program Director

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