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Learn more about how Rome Business School impacts the professional development of our former students

Each year Rome Business School presents the Employment Report, a valuable document that summarizes the impact of our institution on students’ professional development and which, more broadly, provides an overview of our career support activities. The Employment Report shows the accomplishment of our students and the impact Rome Business School has made on them by giving a detailed snapshot of the School and the professional projection of our students.

In this regard, enhancing students’ employability is the primary objective of Rome Business School Career Services Department and this study reflects our accomplishments. Students are given guidance on defining their own strategies and objectives aligned to their interests and expectations with respect to the employment market, thereby increasing the likelihood of effective positioning g and success. The service offered to students is personalized according to their profiles and to the formula they are enrolled it, and all the guidelines given to them are preceded by an individual study of each student’s professional profile.

Do you want to know in-depth the professional career of our students after passing through Rome Business School? Click and download the Employment Report 2021!

Download the Employment Report 2021!

Let’s analyze what the employment report 2021 results show!

Rome Business School is pleased to present the 2021 Employment Report, an analysis of the professional career of the students after having completed their journey at RBS. We accompany our students during their development and we help them promoting their professional challenges, together with our pool of collaborating companies, HR professionals and headhunter.

At Rome Business School we understand that the path to success is not short, nor is it easy. For this reason, our commitment goes beyond the classroom and strive to equip students with the best professional tools: we take care of guiding and accompanying them in their working life.

What results has the Employment Report 2021 revealed? To know them, we will take a look through the main chapters. Let’s get started!

Snapshot on Employability

“It is becoming ever more important to focus on competences that are directly linked to the job market’s needs and to invest on higher-level and specialized education. In fact, in today’s crisis context, that is turning into a quest for the “job of the future” and technological innovation, postgraduate education definitely plays a predominant role in defining young professionals’ employability level”. 

Valerio Mancini
Director of Rome Business School Research Center

The Employment Report 2021 begins by presenting an exhaustive overview of the trends that are guiding employability in the latest years, as well as the growing importance of the relationship between education and employability that has always been intertwined with any Country’s social structure but it becomes even more significant in periods of crisis, like the one we are living today.

  • Today, approximately 50% of employers recognize that the majority of professionals that reach top executive positions have a completed a post graduate degree.
  • In some sectors, having an MBA, for example, almost always guarantees success in accessing the job market.
  • Having a post-graduate qualification is always highly valued. In general, almost 40% of management job offers require candidates to have a Master. For workers of the future, soft skills will count as much as or even more than specific knowledge because, in addition, many of the current tasks will be performed by artificial intelligence.

Rome Business School Impact and Career growth

The report focuses on all the employability data obtained from Rome Business School students during 2020/2021. This section shows the profile of our students, the success that the majority have achieved in relation to labor insertion and remuneration of educational investment:

The profiles section shows data on RBS students, taking into account variables such as nationality, gender, age or experience, among others.

In 2020 66.2% of the students enrolled at RBS were international. The primary goals of international education are furthering knowledge and cultural capital, learning about places and cultures, and gaining intercultural skills in the process. We are focused on creating a multicultural and diverse environment, this is why Rome Business school is the most international Business School in Italy, with students coming from more than 160 countries all over the world.

72.60% of our Alumni our employed and among them 56,10% have more than 5 years’ experience, showing that almost all of our students are professionals, with know-how and hands-on knowledge of their field.

This part is focused on the period that students start at the end of the program, analyzing the proposals, opportunities, responsibilities, networking and other variables of the labor field.

72.69% of our students find a job within 6 months after having finished their Master program at Rome Business School.

74% of Rome Business School students have experienced an increase in the salary after having completed their Master.

Regarding career improvement: 80% have improved their ability to detect new job opportunities, 92% have received new employment offers after completing the master and 67% have used the contacts and networking done during their time at Rome Business School.

The junior profile is the one that benefits the most of the master. On average Junior profiles improve their salary 52% after completing the Master, and the placement rate for these students is 96%.

The sectors in which students find more work are in Marketing and Sales (18.70%), General Management (13.01%), Consulting (11.38%) and Human Resources (9.76%)

53.2% of our students were working for a multinational company

Salary Increase and career growth:

Students coming from Italy and Europe have the best salary increase (76% and 58%) and at the same time students coming from the Americas presents the best salary option.

According to the Master they were enrolled, students from the Master E-Health and Telemedicine Management and Human Resources Management result as the ones with the highest percentage of increased salary (36% and 27%).

Focusing on the Master formula, according to our data, students enrolled in the Full Time Masters time Master result as the ones with the highest percentage of increased salary (27%) while the MBA students present the best salary option

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Employment Report 2020

If you want to have a complete view of how Rome Business School impacts the professional development of our former students even in 2020, you can download the Employment Report 2020 below

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