Each year Rome Business School presents the Employment Report, a document that collects data on the official results achieved by our students and alumni in terms of employment and professional growth achieved after their master’s degree at Rome Business School. The required results were possible thanks to all the commitment of our students and the incredible professionalism of our Career Service which with diligence and publication has been able to direct students towards the professional path in the world of work.

As we well know, the professional development and training of managers and professionals capable of excellence both in business activities and on an ethical and social level is the first aim of the activities carried out by Rome Business School. This is an objective that today meets a constantly evolving working reality, introducing always new and innovative technologies in the company dynamics that develop the constant updating of personal and professional skills and competences.
From this point of view, Rome Business School works by tariff for the difference supported by an approach to all modern and international learning, starting from the analysis of business work needs to structure an education and training plan that can best meet them. An active and synergistic pro linking the supply and demand of highly qualified professionals through a multinational network of leading business partners in various sectors of the business.

The Career Services activity is the main use of this connection by generating direct connections with HR, Head Hunter and hiring experts from the most important national and international companies. Training students in all phases of their insertion into the job market: from identifying their own strengths, to the formation of a professional profile and the structure of the presentation material (CV – Cover letter – Online presence) necessary to introduce themselves for an application

From the data collected, it is clear that 96% of students from 150 different countries find success following the master’s degree. 40% of students find employment already during their studies while the remaining 60% within six months of the master’s degree. An excellent response is also in the international career, in fact 69% of the students find work in offices of European and international companies.
Rome Business School trains successful Managers capable of changing business and the world economy under an ethical and sustainable ethics with full respect for people and the surrounding environment: 37% of students are now successful managers, 48 % work in large multinational companies and 12% work for NGOs. In addition, thanks to our MBA Masters, students benefit from an average salary increase of 22% following the master’s achievement.

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