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Employment Report

+1047 National and International employability partners
70,1% Of students have received job offers during the year of the Master
98% Placement Rate
+27% Salary increase on average after completing the Masters

Each year Rome Business School presents the Employment Report, a valuable document that summarizes the impact of our institution on students’ professional development and which, more broadly, provides an overview of our career support activities. The Employment Report shows the accomplishment of our students and the impact Rome Business School has made on them by giving a detailed snapshot of the School and the professional projection of our students.

In this regard, enhancing students’ employability is the primary objective of Rome Business School Career Services Department and this study reflects our accomplishments. Students are given guidance on defining their own strategies and objectives aligned to their interests and expectations with respect to the employment market, thereby increasing the likelihood of effective positioning g and success. The service offered to students is personalized according to their profiles and to the formula they are enrolled it, and all the guidelines given to them are preceded by an individual study of each student’s professional profile.

The new goal of a modern HR function is no longer to accompany where the organization imposes, but to enable people to connect, converse, produce knowledge, create conditions to fully exploit potential and achieve business objectives, create conditions to be able to imagine an action, make a choice, make a decision and experiment with it concretely.

Alessandro Marangi
Senior Talent Acquisition AMS

at Microsoft

The Employment Report 2024 Results

83% of RBS students works in companies operating on a global scale
+25% Salary Growth for MBA & Executive students
1034 Placements reached in 2023
+150 Countries represented

Rome Business School is pleased to present the 2023 Employment Report, an analysis of the professional career of the students after having completed their journey at RBS. We accompany our students during their development and we help them promoting their professional challenges, together with our pool of collaborating companies, HR professionals and headhunters.

At Rome Business School we understand that the path to success is not short, nor is it easy. For this reason, our commitment goes beyond the classroom and strive to equip students with the best professional tools: we take care of guiding and accompanying them in their working life.

What results has the Employment Report 2024 revealed? To know them, we will take a look through the main chapters. Let’s get started!

Snapshot on Employability

The Employment Report 2024 begins by presenting an exhaustive overview of the trends that are guiding employability in the latest years, as well as the growing importance of the relationship between education and employability that has always been intertwined with any Country’s social structure but it becomes even more significant in periods of crisis, like the one we are living today.

  • Rome Business School’s numbers: over 3754 published offers, 1047 partner companies, personalized career service for career momentum: 70,1% of students have received new job offers during the year of the Master and 76,3% got a salary increase during the year of the Master
  • RBS talent in demand in Italy and abroad: 45% of its students work outside Italy, 72% work in multinationals, +175 companies recruited students at the Career Fairs including Deloitte, Lavazza, TIM.
  • A professionalizing path tailored to the career stage is offered: 42 recruiters, 2311 interviews, 58 appointments with partner companies such as Ferrari, Eni, Liu Jo per student over the course of the master: 84,7% of students say they have improved the ability in managing the selection process.
  • The only Business School in Italy transparent in publishing career progression and salary data of its students: 1 year after studies the salary of an MBA student is 61.250 €, the average salary increases more in Asia, and grows especially for those studying Human Resources and Finance (+33% and +31%).

Rome Business School Impact and Career growth

+25% average salary increase after 1 year of completing RBS MBA
+32% average salary increase after 1 year of completing RBS On Campus Masters
+22% average salary increase after 1 year of completing RBS Online Masters
+21% average salary increase after 1 year of completing RBS Executive Masters

The report focuses on all the employability data obtained from Rome Business School students during 2023. This section shows the profile of our students, the success that the majority have achieved in relation to labor insertion and remuneration of educational investment.

+83% of students work in companies operating internationally
+72% work in Multinational Companies
+68% enjoy a permanent contract
+54% of MBA students hold an executive position
+78,1% of the students have improved their networking skills +3,2% vs 2022

“Career support for students has to meet new needs,” Orsini continues, “we have done this by creating 7 pathways, a personalized service tailored to each individual’s career moment, enhanced by individual meetings, mock interviews, workshops and meetings with career coaches, HR consultants and recruiters.” Students can embark on: the Career Starter, dedicated to those who want to excel in their first work experiences; the Career Mover, for students seeking international employment; the Career Advancer for those who want to grow vertically; and the Career Propeller dedicated to MBA students, to scale the world of entrepreneurship or pursue vertical career progression. The impact on professional growth is important: the Career Center has contributed to the fact that 81.4 percent have used the skills acquired during the pathway in the company, and 87.5 percent now hold a job role of greater responsibility.

+87,5% +1,3% compared to 2022 have more responsibilities in their current job
+70,1% +1,6% compared to 2022 have received new job offers during the Master
+78,1% +3,2% compared to 2022 of the students have improved their networking skills
+76,3% +4,2% compared to 2022 of the students have experienced an increase in the salary during the year of the Master

Personalized career service, coaching and meeting events the main levers of impact: 84.7 percent of students say they have improved their skills in conducting a selection process, and 78.1 percent have increased networking skills. Among RBS’s goals: connecting students to the world of work: a network of 1047 partner companies, 3 Career Fairs with more than 565 job openings, 76 events with managers and CEOs, among activities designed to facilitate students’ job placement, a total of more than 1,700 meetings with companies, more than 6,000 job openings posted in 2023. Giulia Palmisani, HR Recruiting Specialist at Renault Group, among Rome Business School’s top employers, comments, “The partnership with Rome Business School expands our talent pool, enriches the recruitment process, facilitates meetings with qualified student professionals through networking events, thus fosteringinnovation and change. For the Renault Group, in its journey of innovation and adaptation, the influence of education, and particularly MBA education, remains critical in shaping the workforce of tomorrow.


+52% Incubated Projects between 2021 & 2022 have market clients within 3 months
+64% of startups created within RBS are led by women
+31 markets in 57 countries - the RBS4Entrepreneurship projects submitted

Not only that, the Employment Report shows that more and more students are acquiring the right skills and knowledge to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship: 31.8% of Rome Business School students are now entrepreneurs. In fact, as many as 152 business projects have been developed by RBS4Entrepreneurship since 2021 to date, Rome Business School’s business incubator. Among the participants mostly women (64%), implementers of projects in the international arena (73.6%). The most popular fields Rome Business School startups operate in are Arts & Culture (25%) Fashion 21%, E-Health 12,5%

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