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Didactic Methodology

Circular Learning Methodology

The Academic methodology also known as Circular Learning, is designed for student’s growth and learning, that will last a lifetime. It develops an actionable knowledge for responsible leaders. Knowledge that will be further applied within professional organizations and communities and knowledge that stimulates a call for action.  The teaching methodologies are designed in a way that creates for the student a learning journey with frontal action oriented lectures, experiential learning & hands on student’s experience as well as in class exercise, discussions, role plays, team work exercises, business analysis which enables the student to put into practice, all the knowledge and theory learnt.

Our Approach

With role-plays, class discussions, expressive and critical thinking exercises.
Thanks to brainstorming activities, a business case study method and fieldwork activities.
Focused on providing students with real business situations and challenges. Students are the central point whereas professors are facilitators in each lecture.
Focused on innovation and sustainability
Providing guest lectures on this topic, capstone projects and business challenges
The teaching and the learning material and methods are developed based on the world industry best practices and expertise of our Faculty.
Impactful and internationally focused
The faculty, the student body and the business cases analyzed are all internationally oriented

Face to face, Online and hybrid learning

Teachers use two digital platforms to deliver lessons online and on campus and to share all teaching materials with students:

  • the Cisco Webex platform for providing live lessons and recording them;
  • the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Moodle technology which contains all teaching materials, videos, information useful to the student but also forums and a message chats.

The Cisco Webex and the VLE platform allow you to have interactive and engaging virtual classrooms for all online students, through which it is also possible to work remotely divided into teams.
In addition, each online lesson is recorded and made available on the VLE platform within 24 hours.

We use innovative technologies in our classrooms to enrich the overall educational experience and improve student learning outcomes on campus and online. The platforms and technologies in use have a profound impact on student learning.

  • All classrooms are networked and feature SMART Board technology.
  • Professional audio mixers and microphones in each class, required for the interaction of students in the classroom simultaneously with students online.
  • High-resolution webcam inside the classrooms connected to the platform and the big pad, so that online students see the teacher and their on campus colleagues remotely.
  • Wireless access that allows students to be connected wherever they are.

The Academic office also carries out a training program for professors and lectures by organizing both technical workshops for the use of interactive tools, and workshops focused on innovative techniques for students’ active and emotional engagement. During these meetings the participants share teachers’ experiences, best practices and actions capable of optimizing the professors and lectures’s work and enhance the social and inclusive dimension of the hybrid class. New proposals and ideas are also provided to define educational activities which, despite the physical distance between groups of students, guarantee meaningful exchanges between peers.

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