Our Mission

Better Managers for a Better World. Train today the managers for tomorrow by being inclusive and innovative, acting ethically for a better world. 

Our Vision

We believe in building a global learning community that positively impacts society.

Our Values


We believe in the centrality of the human being as a driver of progress and of sustainable development. Consequently, we train our students not only to be excellent managers and entrepreneurs, but – more generally – to be human beings able to change the world for the better. Our educational approach thus fosters the achievement of an ethical balance between the dual mandates of striving for profitability and benefiting society and the environment.


We believe in the importance of actively taking care of our community and of all the stakeholders involved: students, staff, faculty, partners. Our goal is to ensure that each of them can experience a transformative journey with us, which leads them to their desired outcomes in their professional and personal development. This can only be achieved by being passionate about what we do and by carrying out our educational mission with full intellectual and emotional engagement.

Cross Culturalism

We believe that cultural differences represent a source of value and enrichment for our students and our community. So we are not simply international, but we think that the variety of cultural sensitivities, perspectives and backgrounds creates a unique and stimulating learning environment that well prepares our students to successfully work and live in the global era. Therefore, we work and educate to create bridges, connections and reciprocal respect between different cultures on a global scale.


We believe in the power of human imagination, and we are confident that with dedication and persistence even the most ambitious dreams can come true.
Thus we encourage our students to be confident in themselves and in their dreams and to actively pursue what they envision. We support them in turning those dreams into reality with the skills and the motivation we provide them on a daily basis.


We believe that the interaction and cooperation among organizations and among individuals produces a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. This is why we foster an approach to being a manager or entrepreneur based on synergy and reciprocal exchange. In addition, we favour the creation of partnerships and positive relations with all our stakeholders and members of our community. In such perspective, we support the creation of an ecosystem where academia, companies, students and institutions can meet and cooperate.


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