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Executive Master in Marketing and Sales

Enhance your skills in every area of Marketing and Sales. The Executive Master in Marketing and Sales will enable you to develop an innovative business perspective for a successful career in Marketing. Ours is the only Marketing Master, in the specialised executive category, to have received accreditation from ASFOR: the most important Italian Association for Managerial Training.

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ASFOR accredited
Formula Executive
Work experience Minimum 2 years
Method On Campus and Online
Language Italian
Tuition fee May 2023
Start Date October 2023
Enrollment 89%
Available seats 7
Scholarship valid until September 29th
20% UP TO

Executive Master in Marketing overview

The Executive Master in Marketing and Sales offers excellent training, career services, networking and many other benefits for professional and personal development. This Master is particularly suitable for professionals and intermediate managers who intend to strengthen and update their skills in the sector (marketing & sales management, international marketing and sales, digital marketing and sales) for the purpose of a managerial or entrepreneurial career development.

Rome Business School’s Executive Master in Marketing and Sales is the only Master in Marketing, in the specialised executive category, to have received accreditation from ASFOR: the most important Italian Association for Managerial Training.

ASFOR has assessed the structure, organisation, quality, preparation of teachers and the impact of the Career Service on students’ professional development.

Furthermore, four of our Masters are officially recognized among the best at an international level by Eduniversal Ranking, in which the Marketing area is also featured.

Top 200 – Regional ranking within the 9 geographical zones
Ranked N. 60 in Marketing, Western Europe

The Rome Business School is a member of Planeta Formación y Universidades, an international network created in 2003 by De Agostini and the Planeta Group that encompasses a strong commitment to business, university education and professional and lifelong learning.

Shape your professional path through 4 pillars:

Real link with companies

An international network of companies partners to help young and senior professional in building their careers and RBS to create the better learning experience possible, thanks to Business Practice LAB, Company visits, in class exercises and exclusive lecturers


Rome Business School is proudly the most international business school in Italy, being able to immerse our students in a stimulating environment, thanks to our international faculty, our exclusive Bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Barcellona, Paris, Rome and Tuscany and mixed ethnicity in our classes

Professional Impact

Our higher purpose is to build managers and leaders. For this reason we’ve built our Masters around our student’s professional and personal growth, providing different service and experiences, just like our Career Service, multiple company meetings, Company Shadowing, Individual Coaching sessions and a soft skills program.

Higher Purpose

Following our motto, Better Managers for a Better World, an entire section of our Masters is fully dedicated to higher purpose in business, Corporate Social Responsibility and creation of a sustainable approach and mindset to business.

5 reasons to choose our Executive Master in Marketing and Sales

Salary increase

After completing the Master's degree in Marketing, students achieved an average salary increase of +24% due to greater autonomy in decision-making and an increase in acquired skills and responsibilities.

Practice Lab in cooperation with Unilever

A moment during the Master's course where students will have the opportunity to put theory into practice and work on a real business case. These workshops are run by national and international business managers who teach how to prepare and present real business cases.

Personal sessions with ICF-qualified coaches

All Executive Formula Masters courses have a Coaching service. Coaches will accompany and support you throughout the duration of the master's course to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Career Service structured and divided into two pillars

1. RBS4ENTERPRENEURSHIP A 5-step programme to help you discover how to organise, choose and bring your business idea to life. 2. Career Accelerator Programme An entire team of professionals will accompany students through a customised career path with the ultimate aim of making them competitive in today's job market.

Global Experience

We offer students the opportunity to participate in a Bootcamp in Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Paris, Rome or Tuscany. This is a time when students will have an intense, immersive business experience and meet international managers to develop new ties.

Our Partners

The Rome Business School boasts a constantly expanding network on a global scale to minimise the distance between the academic and professional worlds.

Executive Master in Marketing and Sales: Learning Outcomes:

  1. The student will be able to demonstrate effective communication skills, both in presenting their ideas and sales strategies and in managing customer relationships and negotiating sales agreements.
  2. The student will be able to develop an innovative perspective in the field of sales, seeking new opportunities and adopting creative approaches to address market challenges.
  3. The student will be able to adapt to changes in the sales context, demonstrating flexibility and a capacity for continuous learning to address emerging challenges and seize opportunities.
  4. The student will acquire skills for effective communication, both in presenting marketing strategies and in writing persuasive marketing content, adapting to different target audiences.
  5. The student will understand the ethical implications in marketing, including corporate social responsibility, truthfulness in marketing communications, and fairness in segmentation and targeting.


Develop Managerial Skills

During the second module of the Executive Master in Marketing & Sales, students will learn how to:

  • ​Business Economics: The topics covered include the economic problem, the scarcity choice dilemma, economic theories and models, macroeconomic and microeconomic perspectives, and GDP.
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Planning: You will understand how entrepreneurs create economic and social value by exploiting new opportunities and how managers navigate complex problems and situations of opportunity.
  • Business Strategy: Through this module, you will gain a clear understanding of the methods and stakeholders necessary to comprehend a company’s long-term direction and strategy, identify its values, recognize its competitive advantage and capabilities, as well as areas of potential utility for its growth and success.
  • Accounting and Budgeting: This module will define key terms such as ROI, EBIT, and GAAP. It will also provide an understanding of balance sheets, budgets, forecasting techniques, purchasing decisions, and the laws governing the management and dissemination of financial information.
  • Project & Operations Management: You will learn the concepts and tools of Project and Operations Management.
  • Human Resources: You will focus on strategic human resource topics such as acquisition, development, motivation, management, and retention of a workforce. Special emphasis is placed on alignment with the company’s strategy and adding value and competitive advantage through human resource management.
Implement effective Marketing & Sales Strategies

1) Marketing ​

  • Marketing​ strategy
  • Marketing and Comunication​
  • Marketing​ Organizations
  • CRM Customer – Optimize the Customer Experience

2) Sales Management ​

  • Sales Manegement ​
  • Sales Channels Management
  • Data Driven and e-Commerce for improve the clients service

3) International Marketing and Sales ​

  • Market research
  • Marketing mix
  • Digital marketing and Web Empowering​

4) Web Design e Web Management ​

  • e-commerce Optimization (Google Analytics) ​
  • Lead generation: Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing & Programmatic Advertising ​
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ​
  • Omnichannel Marketing Evolution
Be responsible and innovative leaders in Marketing and Sales

5) Marketing & Automation Channels & Sales Digitali ​

  • Web Design
  • Digital Metrics & Business KPI’s​
  • Predictive Analytics e Predictive Marketing​
  • On line sales ​

6) New Trends, Sustainability, and Tech in Marketing and Sales Management

  • AI e Tech for  marketing and sales
  • Metaverso e marketing
  • Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Ethics in Marketing and Sales
5 Interactive courses to improve your soft skills

In the high-tech and digitally transformed world in which we live, soft skills are personal qualities that can influence relationships, communication, and interaction with others, all of which are essential for business success and effective leadership. Without effective leadership, no new technology or innovation can be implemented. The Leadership Program offers participants a path to self-discovery, empowerment, and reinvention, preparing them to become future leaders. A self-assessment test, role plays, quizzes, and five interactive courses make up the program’s practice-based curriculum.

  • The Digital Age of Persuasion and Communication
  • Effectiveness of Teamwork
  • Agile Leadership
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Emotional Intelligence
Skills to be competitive
  1. Individual Coaching
  2. Executive Mentoring production review of curricular material
  3. Company meetings with leading companies
  4. Executive Mentoring for preliminary orientation towards entrepreneurship
An educational experience

At the end of your educational experience, you will have the chance to prove your abilities by tackling a real business challenge. Use your talent to identify opportunities and create a truly innovative strategy.

Tackle a real company challenge. You can choose to be part of a small team and design an innovative Marketing and sales plan or functional operational plan based on theoretical research.

Work on one of two real Business Challenges of a specific company.

Previous years’ experiences 

The Practical Challenge:

The Practical Challenge: Developing an Executive Project with the Marketing Department.

The Practical Challenge: Creating briefs to provide to an advertising agency/dealer for the promotion of a product from Sky TV Italy.


Rome Business School International Bootcamps experiences

During the full week you will experience an intensive and fully immersive business experience, facing challenges, dealing with managers, students and lecturers, and creating your own project that will be presented at the end of the Bootcamp Experience.

Rome Business School International Bootcamps experiences

Change your life forever: discover where the World Technology was born and grown. From microprocessors to computers, from browser to social media, from sharing economy to crypto currencies.


The challenge is how to combine creation and management in a luxury house as in all types of companies.

Sup de Luxe welcomes every year more than 500 students from all over the world. Since its creation, the school has enjoyed an undeniable success with its network of 3.500 graduates.

Develop a completely new business idea through the Google Ventures Methodology: The Design Sprint. How innovation and entrepreneurship are leading the change of the global market.

The aim is to mix together contents and network to become leaders in the strategy of your current or future company.

Experience Italy through a native person’s perspective by a cultural exploration and understanding of not only the process of winemaking, but mostly the convivial importance of food and wine.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to do business, generate growth as a socially responsible leader and discover the giant of Africa.

Discover and develop unique opportunities to grow in a dynamic environment with a traditional yet modern approach to business.


Rome Business School’s Executive Master in Marketing and Sales is taught by highly selected international university professors, trainers, and business managers drawn from a variety of operational and professional fields, from advertising to sales, from entrepreneurship to digital marketing. The teaching approach is aimed at acquiring know-how in order to transfer skills that are truly useful for participants’ professional development. 

Stefano Corsini

Program Director

Senior Sales and Marketing Consultant AND Professor of Business Planning, Marketing. Education: Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from "La Sapienza" University, Rome

Stefano Corsini has accumulated 25 years of experience as an Account Manager in the Sales and Marketing division of Unilever Food Italy, working since 1997. This role further expanded his management skills in the F&B world, with a particular focus on Business Development, Product Development, and Customer Satisfaction, across retail, B2B, GDO, and multichannel channels.

These are just a few of the companies he has worked for: Compass Group, Italia Zuccheri, Unigrà, Modecor Italiana, Tate & Lyle Sugars, managing B2B, B2C, Retail, Foodservice, and HoReCa channels. Today, he is a Freelance Advisor for F&B Business Development at AlphaSights and GLG, and serves as the Business Development Director EMEA at Chr. Hansen.

Maurizio Di Domenico Senior Advisor Ambire

Manager specialized in the negotiation and management of Commercial Networks, with consolidated experience in the Air Transport and Industrial Construction sectors. He is one of the first Italian Managers whose CV has been certified by RINA Services and sponsored by FEDERMANAGER. Over the past 32 years he has been in managerial activities, including 19 years in Alitalia, managing negotiations in almost all European countries, in many Asian and South American countries, and in the USA. He currently follows SME Business Development projects in Europe and the US as Export Manager. He is Senior Partner of Ambire, and Temporary Export Manager for Internationalization.

Carolina Eugenia Cappabianca Partner and Managing Director Rising Partners International

Graduating at 21, she began her career in Mktg. Mgmt. at J&J, first and then at Unilever. After 5 years, she moved to the multinational agency DMB&B, where she grew, becoming an executive at 29 and leading the P&G accounts, and TWA, in Italy, with business growth results; then in Europe, leading the Oral Care team (P&G) and defining a new brand equity, adopted in the USA; then in the USA and Latin America, as Regional Group Acct. Dir. on Pampers (P&G). Returned to Italy, as Business Unit Dir. at Y&R, leading a cross-functional team, on international accounts Ford, Colgate, Kronenbourg and Tourtel. At 36, he founded Market Energy, a Marketing Services and Direct Communication Agency.Today, he is Partner and Founder of Connection-e, a marketing consulting agency, and Founding Partner and Marketing Director at Rising Partner International.

Valentino Megale CEO Softcare Studios

Technology entrepreneur focused on digital health and mental wellness, TEDx speaker and author. Biologist, PhD in Neuropharmacology with international academic research experience in pharmacology, drug development, organic chemistry and molecular biology. In 2014 he co-founded the Open BioMedical Initiative, a social impact nonprofit organization addressing disabilities through 3D printing, online collaborative design and community building. In 2017, he co-founded Softcare Studios, a digital health startup focused on improving the therapeutic experience for patients and optimizing hospital operations using immersive technologies and data tracking.

Andrea Ciceri Founder & President SenseCatch

After obtaining a Ph.D. in neuromarketing and consumer psychology, he founded SenseCatch. SenseCatch is an innovative consulting firm specializing in neuroscience and human behavior, with expertise in areas such as marketing (web, product, packaging, store, advertising and communication, branding, entertainment), human performance (soft skills, sports and job performance, wellness, personal empowerment, biofeedback), education, and health and safety, helping companies improve their business. Works to enable companies to access detailed, accurate, and increasingly objective market and human behavior data.

membri del cab foto_cab massimo di genova
Massimo Di Genova Senior Sales Manager

Senior manager, sales and business development executive, esperto di business digitale e innovazione, consulente strategico con 20 anni di carriera internazionale maturata in aziende multinazionali leader nel settore ICT (Alcatel, Cisco System, Movenda, Nokia) su clienti e mercati verticali di primaria importanza. Esperienza approfondita e solida esperienza nella generazione di ricavi guidati dall'innovazione, nello sviluppo del business, nella pianificazione strategica e nella gestione di accordi complessi e di grandi dimensioni in diversi mercati e regioni. Ad oggi è Sales Manager presso Nokia Enterprise.

Camilla Carrega Bertolini​  Consorzio Chianti Colli Fiorentini - Member of the board of directors

Mentor for Startupbootcamp FoodTech which is the leading accelerator of startups supporting and scaling companies innovating and disrupting the food industry where she is mentoring in everything related to food and wine management, business model, international education. She’s also Property Owner Chief Operating Officer at Volognano,  and  free consultant in branding and communication strategy for Food and Beverage companies.

Antonio Ferrandina Docente Università degli Studi di Foggia, LUISS BUSINESS SCHOOL e Rome Business School

Lecturer in marketing in the University of Molise. Professional experience in service marketing. Worked in large organizations (Deloitte, Trenitalia Italian railways) and small entrepreneurial start-ups. Completed a Senior Managers Program at HEC, Paris, France, 2006, and obtained a Master of Science in Tourism & Hotel Management, Diploma of Distinction -School of Management -University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, 1995. He obtained a Doctoral degree in Economics and Commerce (with honors) -Economic and Commerce Faculty, from the University of Frederick.

Umberto Macchi di Cellere Independent Consultant and Industry Advisor

He has over 30 years of experience, with the last 20 years in the Fashion and Luxury sector, gained within Bulgari, a part of the LVMH Group, and Tod's Group, where he served as the Group CEO. His first 10 years were in FMCG Marketing with Johnson & Johnson. Throughout his 30-year career, he has gained direct experience in diverse areas, including Marketing and Communication, Country Management, Product Creation, Supply Chain, Brand Strategy, Retail, and an in-depth knowledge of International Markets. He has served as President and Board Member of publicly listed companies within Tod's and Bulgari/LVMH. He has been responsible for the business and financial performance of luxury and fashion markets in almost all regions, including China, the rest of Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Elisa Barbieri Brand Strategist | Communication consultant

With a background in International Communication and Branding, Elisa started her career as an Account Executive for Nastro Azzurro at ADDV EURO RSCG. She later became an Account Manager for Colgate and Palmolive at Geoff Howe Marketing Communications. Subsequently, she co-founded and co-owned, where she also serves as a Brand Strategist and Communication Consultant. is a branding and communication studio that combines the latest international innovations with Italian design and style. Elisa is also a Professor at institutions such as IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) and SRISA (Santa Reparata International School of Art).

Albert Antonini Mangia
Albert Antonini Mangia arketing Director of Alibaba Global Business Southern Europe

Albert began his career at Mediaset, initially as VAS Product Manager, and later in Digital Marketing and Business Development. He then served as a Guest Lecturer at SDA Bocconi School of Management. Continuing in the field of Business Development & Marketing, he worked at Alibaba Group, where he currently holds the position of Marketing Director of Alibaba Global Business Southern Europe. He is also the author of the book "Digital Marketing and E-commerce," published by Hoepli Editore.

Cristiana Cucco
Cristiana Cucco Global Marketing Senior Director | Bulgari | LVMH

Cristiana has over 25 years of experience in the Marketing industry. She began her career as a Junior Product Manager at Sara Lee. She later worked as a Product Manager for TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile). Meanwhile, she entered the world of teaching and currently holds the position of Luxury Marketing Professor at Luiss Guido Carli University. She then joined the Bulgari team, starting as a Product Manager and progressing to roles such as Senior Manager of Marketing in Italy, Worldwide ATL Senior Manager, Global Media and Advertising Director, Strategic Marketing, Media & Measurement Director, and finally, Global Marketing Operations Senior Director, a role she currently holds.

Francesco Landolfi Senior Partner Arventia Capital

Senior Partner at Arventia Capital ​with over 20 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Management. ​Matured all his professional career developing and managing innovative and high-tech projects in two main industries Information Technology and Healthcare. Francesco held several Sales Marketing managerial positions in multinational companies such as Microsoft, IBM Baxter. He ran as Managing/Senior Director innovative entrepreneurial projects for startups and small enterprises. Today, he is Senior Partner for Arventia Capital, a firm involved in private equity and venture capital investments. He’s also Senior Advisor on eHealth innovation projects at Arthur D. Little

Your Mentors

Corporate Advisory Board

By becoming a key player in the Quality Assurance Process, the process of continuous improvement of the Rome Business School’s range of Management Training programmes, the Corporate Advisory Board embodies the spirit of collaboration between the academic world and the real management sphere.

Composed of 103 Leaders, Managers, and Professionals from key areas of National and International Businesses, Rome Business School activates a process of continuously updating its training programmes through the Corporate Advisory Board, relying on numerous business interactions and inputs provided by the committee members in the annual meetings and discussions with the school.

103 Members
19 CEO and General Management
30 Marketing, Sales and Communication

Career Services

Throughout your Executive Master in Marketing and Sales,  you will be accompanied and supported by our Career Services team. With over 10 years’ experience in education, we help young talents and managers to build their future, guiding them along the path that best suits their capabilities, desires and professional goals.  

To give our students the best support achieving their professional objectives, we’ve structured our Career Service into two core areas: 

The master is particularly suitable for those who want to pursue a career in the following roles:

  • Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Sales Manager


  • Content Creator
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Product Manager

Admission process

Rome Business School works hard to maintain the highest standard of quality in the programmes offered. That is why, in order to ensure the suitability of candidates, all aspiring students must undergo and successfully pass a selection procedure to verify the candidate's suitability to attend the Master's programme.

Evaluation of credentials
Application Confirmation
Selection Interview

The admission process is aimed to verify the candidate’s eligibility to attend the Executive Master in Marketing and Sales. The candidate’s academic history, previous experiences in the topics covered in the Master and motivation will be matters of the evaluation. Once it’s sent, the application will be evaluated by the Rome Business School’s academic committee. In order to ensure the application’s suitability, it is important to deliver all of the required documentation.

Executive Master in Marketing and Sales: Financial Aid and Tuition


Payment of the participation fee of € 7,500 can be made in the following ways:

  • Installments from moments of enrollment (earlier enrollment for more installments);
  • Full Payment with an additional discount of -10%


Based on their personal profile, experience and proven motivation, the candidate may be awarded a scholarship to partially cover the participation fee. In fact, Rome Business School offers the most deserving candidates the opportunity to benefit from 7 different types of scholarships. These partial economic hedges can consist of 6 months of interest-free financing.

  • Early Bird Enrollment Scholarship.
  • Lifelong Learning Scholarship.
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship.
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship.
  • Entrepreneurial Grant.
  • Better Managers for a Better World Scholarship.
  • Student Loan Assistance Grant.

Competition for scholarships increases as the starting date approaches and funds are limited, so it is advisable to apply as soon as possible. 


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