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Scholarships and Financial Aid

At Rome Business School, we understand the financial burden required for an international education.​

To support our students on this path, we offer partial coverage scholarships (up to 35% of the cost of the course) to the most deserving students. This is how we reward highly motivated students who have demonstrated excellence in one or more disciplinary areas related to the master for which admission has been requested.

Scholarships application process​

Scholarships are awarded to eligible candidates who demonstrate the most potential. For this reason, each round of the Admissions Committee takes consideration of a high number of scholarship applications. The committee selects roughly 1 out of every 5 for distribution of the existing scholarship or grant fund. For these select few, the committee takes into account several factors, including but not limited to previous academic performance, outreach and involvement in community activity, professional and career achievements, but most importantly, motivations and aspirations.

The competition for scholarships increases as the start date approaches and funds are limited, so it is advisable to make the request as soon as possible.


Rome Business School offers the opportunity to the most deserving candidates to benefit from 7 different types of scholarships. These partial economic coverages can consist of 6 months of interest-free financing.

The Early Enrollment Program is for early applicants considering several study abroad options who wish to earn maximum financial aid and allocation during the Early enrollment months of October and November for the Spring Intake, and the months of April and May for the Fall Intake. In order to qualify for the financial aid, applicants must be recommended to the admissions committee by their program coordinator with a motivation letter approved by their program coordinator. Interested applicants should complete the online application, submit their motivation letter and should be able to claim their award within the Early Enrollment Deadline. Unofficial transcripts or intent to graduate on time may be required for applicants in their final year of undergraduate study. The financial aid is applicable for all programs and all published school fees. Students may not enroll under the Early Bird program if they will not be able to meet all the above requirements by the applied enrollment deadline. If accepted into the program, an updated transcript or diploma of the most recently competed education must be submitted to the Office of Admissions within semester 1 in order to continue semester 2.​

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Applicants who demonstrate an ongoing, self-motivated pursuit of knowledge and skill development are eligible for scholarship consideration with Rome Business School. There are no minimum criteria for age, but rather experience both professionally and in life. To apply for this scholarship, applicants need only to submit their CV or resume, clearly indicating total experience of greater than 5 years. An additional motivation letter, outlining any additional details may be submitted, but not required by the program coordinator.​

The Academic Excellence grant is awarded to candidates who have displayed extraordinary performance in their most recent academic career, whether graduate or undergraduate. For consideration, applicants must submit official transcripts of their most recently completed degree or unofficial transcripts if the student is in their final year of study, along with a motivation letter highlighting any and all academic awards or recognitions to date. Grade point scale conversion are not required by the student but the grading scale applied in the transcripts must be indicated upon submission.​

Rome Business School strives to increase and promote the ratio of women in executive positions and increase gender equality in the workplace. Over 50% of our students are women, many of whom balance their studies with their professional and personal lives. We seek to endorse these efforts with our Executive Women in Business Grant, which aims to strengthen our students’ ability to realize their executive potential, leadership capacity and professional aspirations. Executive Women Grant applicants required only to submit a CV upon declaration to apply. The program coordinator with submit the application to the Admissions Committee for final evaluation. Statements of purpose are not required but optional by request of the program coordinator.​

Undertaking an entrepreneurial venture is often a daunting task that requires both preparation and the capacity for self-sacrifice. Our aim is to feed the entrepreneurial spirit of our students with great business ideas using this grant, awarded to directors of SMEs, self-employed professionals and people with their own business project. To be eligible to apply for this grant, Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation candidates must have created a company within the last 12-months. Candidates for other master programs are also eligible, but with limited availability.​

The Admissions Committee of Rome Business School is pleased to offer the Better Manager for a Better World grant to our candidates from Africa who demonstrate clear, future oriented motivation aimed and at improving the economy, society and the world around them. This unique opportunity provides significant funding for studies that seek to have a positive impact through any Rome Business School master program. In order to qualify for the scholarship award, applicants must be recommended to the admissions committee by their program coordinator with a motivation letter approved by their program coordinator. Interested applicants should complete the online application, submit their motivation letter and should be able to claim their award within the applied enrollment deadline.​

Students may receive aid from our partner financial institutions according to the expected requirements. Accepted candidates may be eligible to receive our Student Loan Assistance Grant as part of our agreement with the Futuriamo loan. The amount awarded will be based on enrollment for tuition costs of 5.000€ or more after all applicable financial aids and discounts. Students must be accepted to Rome Business School masters under the Full Time, Specialized or Executive formulas to qualify for this grant. The amount awarded will not count towards the student’s Futuriamo financial aid package.

Application for scholarships​

To apply for a scholarship, it is necessary to send a motivational letter of no more than 300 words together with the CV and the documentation when submitting the application for admission to the Masters.

To write a motivational letter for a scholarship, the applicant must indicate:

  • What distinguishes the applicant from the other candidates;
  • Professional goals and ambitions.


No. You can be admitted to Rome Business School with an evaluation of your experience and motivation only. Any award, such as a grant, tuition reduction, or partial scholarship will be applied only to successful evaluations on a first come, first served basis depending entirely on course capacity and your place in line for a tuition reduction request. If admitted consideration for any awards, partial scholarships or grants are based on the merit, vigor, distinctive skills and/or academic excellence or each individual applicant.

Rome Business School provides a limited scholarship budget for each Master’s program. The most deserving students will be awarded a partial scholarship, based on the selection process and prior experience. A motivational letter addressed to the Academic Committee is required to apply for the scholarship.

To apply for a tuition reduction using one of our scholarship, you must first qualify for Rome Business School’s minimum entry requirements and pass an admission committee evaluation. You may apply for a tuition reduction simultaneously with your admission evaluation by completing our Tuition Reduction Application form and submission of necessary requirements provided to you by our admission advisors.

Yes, all scholarship offers expire after 7 days from the date of approval by the admission committee. Unclaimed awards will with re-distributed to the next applicant. Applicants who are admitted and awarded a scholarship have 7 days to claim their offer of place by enrolling. An admitted applicant, whose 7 day deadline has expired, may still enroll to the master as long as there are seats remaining in the course, but without any tuition reduction. Re-applications for expired awards are not permitted for 1 calendar year, or two intake periods.

The scholarships awarded are partial, covering up to 30 percent of the participation fee.

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