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Graduation Ceremony 2023

Graduation: a day to remember!

On Friday September 29 2023 over 2700 people attended the Graduation Ceremony of the Rome Business School, celebrated at the prestigious Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. The 1842 students who completed their studies were able to share this moment not only with friends and family, but also with managers and CEOs of global companies such as Jaguar, Land Rover, AMEX and  Max Mara, the latter honored as “Top Employer Partner 2023” at the Awards Ceremony, for having recruited the largest number of Rome Business School students. Step into the world of accomplishment and celebration as we present the highlights of our recent Graduation Ceremony, the culmination of dedication and hard work. Join us in reliving the joy, pride, and sense of achievement that filled the air on that special day, from the heartfelt speeches to the exhilarating moments on stage, take a glimpse into the unforgettable experience of our graduates as they took their first steps into a new chapter of their lives.

+2700 Participants

In presence between students and their loved ones at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, with over 1500 people between families and students following the live stream of the event

Watch the Video Summary:

Experience the emotions, the cheers, and the unforgettable moments by watching our video summary of the Graduation Ceremony, a journey through the heartwarming highlights that will leave you inspired and truly proud of our graduates’ accomplishments. Don’t miss the chance to witness the magic of this significant event – click play and celebrate with us!

Graduation Ceremony 2023 Awards

The evening was also a celebration of academic excellence, as renowned professors, deserving companies, and a remarkable student were honored. Distinguished faculty members received accolades for their dedication to education and mentorship, while forward-thinking companies were recognized for their valuable contributions to student internships and career opportunities. These awards celebrate individuals and organizations making a significant impact in their respective fields and within the educational community.

Graduation Patron Impact Award
Giovanni Ravasio, Vice President and Cloud Applications Leader for Italy and Iberia at Oracle
RBS4Entrepreneurship Award
Dorottya Medgyes, graduate of the International Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation for her innovative project "My Heated Gloves"
Top Employer Partner Award
Max Mara, under the leadership of Iacopo Pergreffi, Director of Corporate HRM and Strategic Organization
Online Teaching Excellence Award
Gloria Meneghini, professor of the Executive Master in Human Resources Management
Program Director Award of Excellence
Francesco Amendola, Program Director of the Master in Data Science
On-campus Teaching Excellence Award
Alessandro Villadei, professor of the Master in Finance


Our keynote speaker and Graduation Patron for 2023 was Giovanni Ravasio, Vicepresident and Cloud Applications Leader for Italy and Iberia at Oracle, leading the American multinational company in the tech sector. During the speech, he stated: “Innovation today is within reach, we at Oracle know this well and we will build it every day, at your side, with the our cloud and our generative artificial intelligence, dedicated to simplifying business processes and decisions."

The Graduates’ Walk

As the sun set on their academic journey, the graduates’ walk became a great moment to celebrate their dedication, determination, and their dreams. Each step they took across the stage was a manifestation of the late nights, the heart-wrenching challenges, and the moments of pure joy. Their laughter, tears, and shared experiences resonated in every step as a reminder of the incredible bonds forged through the obstacles and triumphs of their educational journey. The graduates’ walk was more than just a symbolic crossing and a moment to celebrate their educational milestone with their family, it was a bridge between their achievements and their limitless potential, a moment of transition that brought them closer to the exciting unwritten pages that await them.


Eszter Szarka Global Master in Human Resources Management
“Thank you to all the professors, for showing us what our roots are, and how to grow them. Thank you to all the classmates, who planted new roots in us. Thanks to Rome Business School for teaching us to see always the opportunity in things. Thank you to the friends who never let us lose hope. Thank you to our family, who were the ones giving us the roots in the first place, and encouraging us to be better day by day. Last but not least, let’s thank ourselves, for taking the risk and the challenge of coming here, while bringing the best out of everything.”
Giuseppe Scordamaglia Executive Master in Human Resources Management
"Someone close to me nine years ago told me: «Any challenge, obstacle or opportunity is best met with the strength of a team, a network that can be family, friends or people known in certain environments.» It was finally clear after my experience at Rome Business School, a year during which we grew and understood the importance of the collective over the individual. It is not just a place to get a Master's, but a real hub where we come into contact with new realities, acquire new mental approaches and develop our skills to put them at the service of the world."
Marcus Paul International MBA
“We believe that from challenges also come opportunities. The opportunity to solve problems at a scale and speed previously not possible. By adding context, perspective, and our experience, we will gain insight, knowledge, and wisdom. This is how we will build a better world. The Rome Business School has prepared us to better navigate, manage and succeed in a rapidly evolving global environment to seek out, identify, and capitalize on new opportunities. They have given us new insight, new knowledge and, hopefully more wisdom. What will YOU do with all this?”

The Symbolic Graduation Cap Toss

The tradition of throwing hats at the Graduation Ceremony, also known as the “cap toss”, is a symbolic gesture that marks the end of the academic journey. As the tassels were moved from one side of the cap to the other after the Graduate’s Walk , a surge of excitement filled the Auditorium, after the countdown, the caps were tossed into the air, in a timeless rite of passage, a declaration of the end of one chapter and the start of another, symbolizing the shared dreams and achievements of the graduating class.

Preserving the Memories of Graduation with a Snapshot

Capturing the essence of Graduation through photos is like bottling the spirit of the Ceremony itself. Each click of the camera freezes moments of pride, happiness, and anticipation, allowing you to revisit the emotions and achievements of that significant day. Graduation photos aren’t just images, they’re the proof of hard work and dedication, serving as a heartfelt reminder of the journey taken, the friendships formed, and the aspirations kindled. With every glance at these photos, you can relive the sense of fulfillment and hope that characterized that special day, making them a treasure trove of memories that will forever define your educational milestone.

Watch the Family Members Video:

Join us in celebrating the achievements of our graduates by watching this heartwarming video capturing the joy and pride of their family members. Feel the love, tears of happiness, and the unspoken support that filled the room as they watched this video message. Don’t miss this touching tribute to the unwavering bonds of family – hit play and be a part of their unforgettable journey!

See you next year for the Graduation Ceremony 2024!


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