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Graduation Ceremony 2023

The Graduation Day is a day to remember. Save the Date!

We want to make it special for you celebrating all together the amazing learning journey you experienced and successful achievements you obtained with us.

This year Graduation Ceremony will be in a prestigious location, you can invite all your beloved, all can be there, partecipate and celebrate with us your academic successes. The Ceremony will be always full of wonderful moments and surprises, a unique experience for you to live in order to get the most of such an important moment in your academic life.

In order for you to participate, you must have received the invitation link by email in order to register to the event, so as to experience the Graduation Ceremony 2023 with us and all your loved ones.

Friday 29th of September 2023 at Auditorium Parco della Musica


+2300 Participants
in presence between students and their loved ones, with many other families and students following the streaming.
Inspiring Keynote Speaker
Last year keynote speaker was Marco Pesaresi, General Manager of Ferrarelle Società Benefit who stated: "As leaders of change, please act as bearers of Hope."
RBS_Graduation Day
A spectacular location
The Ceremony took place in the Auditorium Parco della Musica, a roman architectural and cultural landmark, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano.


16.30 – 16.35 | Start of the Ceremony

16:35 – 16:45 | Welcome speech

José Luis Fernández Martínez General Director - Grupo Planeta Formación y Universidades

16:45 – 17:05 | Keynote Speech

17:05 – 17:45 | Presentation of the graduates

17:45 – 17:50 | Congratulations

17:50 – 18:00 | Graduates speeches

18:00 – 18:05 | Awards

18:05 – 18:15 | Closure, final speech

Antonio Ragusa Dean - Rome Business School

18:15 – 20:00 | Cocktail Aperitif


Danilo Migliaccio Executive Master in Data Science
"I think of all my course colleagues, each with a different story, a different age and a different job: chasing the time between jobs and studies. Despite the obstacles, in the end we succeeded: everyone brought to the table, their skills and knowledge and sometimes even their notes showing that we truly wanted to create the future we deserve."
Enrico Pizzarello International MBA
"Our professors taught us that great creative minds think like artists but work like accountants. Facing the challenge of an MBA was tough, but we managed to turn it into an incredible opportunity and grow as people."
Cherine Asaad Master in Fashion and Design Management
"After this year, if there is one thing we will take with us, it is the doors we opened during this experience. The doors that allow us to do things in a big way by creating an environment that knows no limits and to have a will outside any comfort zone. Because that is how #BetterManagers4aBetterWorld are made!"
Hannah Magargel Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management
"On the first day at RBS, the Program Director explained to us the lessons and challenges we would face during the Master Program. As she spoke, we felt the passion that ran through us, and this continued during our studies at RBS. Through every lecture, our professors related the material back to one concept: how to use our passions to make positive change. The lesson learned? We are just one decision away from making the world a better place."

RBS Graduate inspiring words

In 2022 over 1500 students graduated from Rome Business School, officially joining the ranks of the RBS Alumni, and we couldn’t be prouder of having been by their side during this transformative journey.

“If you wanna be the leader of tomorrow you have to care about the people you lead, and that’s what the professors here did, they cared about us. My wish for future RBS students is that they have the opportunity to have the same experience that I had,” shared with us our one graduate, during the Graduation Ceremony 2022. As always, our international spirit was fueled with many new stories shared by students coming from all over the world. “The thing I enjoyed the most was the international experience. Working anywhere in the world, with people from different countries, which was also difficult, but we did it, we’re all proud of that and I’m thankful to them.” Our desire at RBS is to continue having an impact on our students and with them on society as a whole, and by doing this, be fortunate enough to witness their moments of joy, successes and learnings. #BetterManagers4aBetterWorld.

| FAQs

Due to the current pandemic situation, the event will take place in compliance with all the indications and regulations provided by the authorities. If you have any doubt on the Ceremony please check out the FAQs document!

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| Accomodation Solutions

Below you could find some options we selected for you as Hotels, B&Bs and building solutions to book for the nights before/after your Graduation Day. We strongly recommend you to book as soon as possible the accommodation, according to their availability, due to the fact that there will be many relevant events in Rome in the same weekend. In order to make sure you and all your guest can participate and enjoy with us the Graduation Ceremony at the Auditorium in presence, we suggest to contact these Hotels, B&Bs and building solutions, or if you prefer find other autonomously, and book your accommodation already from now.

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