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Research center’s Director: Valerio Mancini

Analyst and Political Scientist expert in International Relations

He collaborates with the International Academy for Security and Defense, MASTERY, recently appointed Director of the Department of Trans – national Crime at MISAP – Multidisciplinary Institute for Security management and Antisociality Prevention.

Researcher for the United Nations Interregional Institute for Crime and Justice Research (UNICRI – Turin and Rome), as a consultant for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC – Bogotá and Vienna) and for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD – Paris) and as an analyst at the MAOC (N), Center for Analysis and Maritime Operations (Narcotics) based in Lisbon. 

He was assistant to the Plenipotentiary Minister at the Permanent Representation of Italy to the OECD, volunteer for various NGOs and Foundations for the development of social projects related to crime prevention and the spread of the culture of legality in Latin America. Valerio collaborated as a fundraiser with the Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO and was Co-founder of the association “”, linked to sustainability issues and worked for various research centers in Italy and abroad. He participated in the creation of the network of “AIK” companies engaged in the search for funds and development of projects for the public sector and SMEs in the Abruzzo seismic crater and, as export manager, he participated in numerous business missions abroad.

Previous Accademic studies

LL.M. in “International cooperation against transnational organized crime”. BUT. in “Economic security, geopolitics and intelligence”. BUT. in “International relations and European integration” mDoctor in letters in “Political sciences and international relations”

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Smart working and gender gap, Le due grandi sfide del futuro del lavoro.

Marzo 2020

Il mondo sta cambiando alla velocità della luce. La digitalizzazione, la globalizzazione e i cambiamenti demografici stanno avendo un profondo impatto sulla nostra vita, sulle nostre culture, sulle nostre società

Pharmaceutical expenditure trend. International, National and Regional Trends.

April 2020

The global use of medicines is one of the main factors, capable of influencing the trend of public health. The practical ability to measure such use in a timely and generalised way, provides a unique window on the progress and functionality of health systems around the world.

Pharmaceutical expenditure trend. How food changes in Italy and in the world, the main trends of a key sector for the national economy. National and Regional Trends.

June 2020

Global trends and turnover of the made in Italy products, the new habits of the functional nutrition, the changes in the food sector during the COVID19 and the future challenges, starting from the fight against obesity, the containment of which could prevent 688 thousand non-communicable diseases by 2050 that will save 278 million euros per year in healthcare expenditure and increase the employment and productivity of a share equal to 18 thousand full-time workers.

The demographic trends in Italy and worldwide

July 2020

Stop the loss of talents, attract talents from abroad, economic and social costs, trends and proposals in the Rome Business School’s research. Italy, the oldest country in Europe, will lose about 7 million inhabitants. A real flight of talents which costs the government 30 billion euros each year, 165 thousand euros per family. Internationalizing the higher education system, focusing on the English teaching and on the e-learning are some of the solutions reported by the Rome Business School Report to stem the phenomenon, focusing competencies and knowledge.


August 2020

Why is so important to have a big football event? What are the most profitable leagues? What is the role of football in the geopolitical chessboard? Why football hasn’t completely stopped completely even facing the global pandemic crisis? What will be the COVID19 effects on football during the next year? Research by Valerio Mancini (Rome Business School – Research Center Director) and Alessio Postiglione, coordinator of the master in Political Marketing and Communication.