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The Research Center

Research Center 

The Research Center of the Rome Business School aims to promote the production and distribution of knowledge within the academic, professional and social system. The Center focuses on both scientific and informative research, respecting the highest methodological and content standards.The Research Center plays a key role in the mission of the Rome Business School, which aims to provide excellent management training with a focus on corporate social responsibility and internationality. The Center therefore collaborates with academics, professionals and researchers from all over the world to identify the most innovative and effective solutions in the field of management, entrepreneurship and economic-social phenomena.The Research Center of the Rome Business School is committed to producing documents that are useful both for companies and for the entire academic community and society as a whole. In this way, the Rome Business School intends to support people and organizations in successfully facing the challenges of global competitiveness, offering them useful theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives.


The Director of the Divulgative Research Center

Valerio Mancini

Professor and Director of the Divulgative Research Centre of the Rome Business School. Lecturer and coordinator of the Department of Linguistic Sciences of the SSML “Armando Curcio”. Adjunct professor at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, the SSML Unicollege (Florence), the University of Perugia and the talian Design Institute in Milan. He has been a visiting lecturer at numerous universities in Italy and abroad. He has worked with several international organisations in Europe and Latin America (UNODC, UNICRI, MAOC-N and OECD). In 2019, he was a consultant in Colombia for the justice reform project with the Attorney General’s Office of the Nation. He worked for the National School of Administration – Presidency of the Council of Ministers and in 2022 he received a letter of commendable service for his work at the SNA. He collaborates as an expert on ‘sport governance’ for the ‘Concurrences’ publishing group. He has published various articles, reports, interviews and academic research. Since 2022 he has been a member of the Scientific Board of ‘The Market: International Journal of Business’ – Cyprus Centre for Business Research (Cyprus Business School). He holds a degree in Political Science with specialised studies in International Relations and European Integration from the Catholic University of Milan. He holds several academic degrees in Italy and abroad, including an LL.M. (Master of Laws) from the University of Teramo and a Master in Economic Security, Geopolitics and Intelligence from SIOI. Latest publications: ‘Football and geopolitics’ (Mondo Nuovo, 2021), book awarded at the 56th CONI literary competition; ‘Football, politics and power’ (2023).


The Director of the Academic Research Center and of the Academic Department of Rome Business School

Massimo Scarcello

Dr Massimo Scarcello is the director of the Academic Research Center and of the Academic Department of Rome Business School, part of Planeta Formación y Universidades Group. He can boast 30+ years of working experience, 20+ out of them spent in the education industry. Passionate in developing talent worldwide, he is Keen on providing cutting-edge learning experience and relevant content balancing the academic quality and managerial relevance, placing high value on the organizational development based on lifelong learning & strategic approach. He served, among others as head of corporate education at Milano School of Management, University of Milano and as director at Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School. Prior he covered managerial – level positions within national and international companies.

Research 09/04/2024

Energy transition and large companies. Economic trends and implications in Italy and Europe.

Italy's CO₂ emissions will be reduced by 7.7% in 2023: strong growth in production from renewable sources
Research 04/03/2024

The future of automotive

Italian car production grows: 542 thousand units in 2023, up 15% from the previous year.
Research 12/02/2024

Gender Gap and Work in Italy

Female employment goes up (52.2 percent), but 13.5 percent lower than the EU average.
Research 16/01/2024

Public debt in Italy: analysis and outlook

Italian public debt to GDP at 140.6% in 2024. The highest among the Eurozone powers.
Divulgatory Research 05/12/2023

E-commerce and the opportunities offered by the metaverse. The evolution of the customer experience

In Italy, the metaverse market will lead to an increase in GDP of between 28 and 52 billion per year by 2035
Divulgatory Research 13/11/2023

Rome Business School on Longevity Economy: the contribution of the over-50s to global GDP will double to $96 trillion by 2050

Italy ranks first in the world with 67.7% of spending on goods and services by the over-50s.
Academic Research 02/11/2023

Intercultural Differences between Spain and Italy Regarding School Bullying, Gender, and Age

Figures for Italy in both 2021 and 2022 showed approximately 32,600 cases, while Spain had 69,554 severe bullying cases during the same year.
Divulgatory Research 23/10/2023

The wine business in Italy: consumption, trends and growth prospects

Wine market will touch 412 billion in 2027: e-commerce, sustainable packaging and organic wines the 2024 trends
Divulgatory Research 02/10/2023

Sports as a driver of the Italian economy. Esports and Ryder Cup 2023 as opportunities for growth

Football, Sports and major events: revenues of the Italian sports sector grow by +6% in the last 3 years
Divulgatory Research 04/09/2023

Work and people. Leadership, engagement, skills and well-being

Kind leadership (54 %) and flexibility in the workplace (64%): what young workers in Italy are looking for
Divulgatory Research 26/07/2023

The food sector in Italy. Consumption trends and challenges between innovation and the fight against counterfeiting

Italians are increasingly looking for DOP quality and food and wine experiences (+25%).
Divulgatory Research 28/06/2023

Start-ups Ecosystem, SMEs and family businesses in Italy

By 2023 The venture capital fund market in Italy will exceed 1.6 billion euros. SMEs and innovative start-ups the real engine of Italy.