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VIU (Universidad Internacional de Valencia) Partnership

What is VIU?

The Universidad Internacional de Valencia was founded as a Digital Native University, with the goal of guaranteeing an excellent university education to anyone who seeks it, regardless of age or geographic area. Precisely for this reason, VIU is firmly committed to technological innovation, understood as a tool to facilitate access to education for those who have not found this possibility in universities that require an on-campus presence.

Valencia International University is therefore based on flexibility and adaptability, in order to ensure synergy between universities, companies and public institutions.

VIU Master’s Accreditations

All Rome Business School Masters are accredited by Valencia International University, which offers students 60 college credits (ECTS) and dual certification. Both Rome Business School and VIU are part of the Planeta Formación y Universidades network, embracing its open, flexible and functional models.

Masters in Partnership with VIU

VIU Success Ratings

Spain's online university according to the World University Ranking of the Studocu platform
+2.300 Professors
23.623 Students
86 Nationalities
58.000 Students graduating from our virtual classrooms
+57.800 Hours of online classes per year
7.480 Agreements with companies and organizations
100 Number of titles