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Roma Tre Partnership

What is Roma Tre?

Roma Tre is a university that has grown rapidly both in terms of students and courses of study offered: dynamism, modernity and internationality constitute the main characteristics of Roma Tre University.

Roma Tre’s founding values are the promotion of research at the international level, higher education, the development and dissemination of knowledge, environmental protection, international solidarity, gender equality and the encouragement of merit.

Roma Tre

Roma Tre Partnership: Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane

Thanks to the partnership with Roma Tre University, through the Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane our students acquire 60 university credits (CFUs) and double certification: by earning our Master, they additionally obtain the title of Level I Master's in Leadership & Humanistic Management from Roma Tre. The partnership between Rome Business School and Roma Tre aims to combine two complementary approaches, providing students with a well-rounded experience.

Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane

Roma Tre Success Ratings

1992 Foundation year
34.657 Enrolled
122.536 Graduates
1403 International study experiences
979+ Professors
69 Post Lauream
112 Graduate Courses and PhDs
13 Departments