Campus Facilities

Our Campus

2.500 Square meters building

4 Floors

Prati district

2 Premium Classrooms

9 Classrooms



Creative Area

1 Conference Room

1 Meeting room

6 Departments:

  • Didactic,
  • Administration
  • Career Services
  • Student Services
  • Executive Education
  • International Relations

About our Campus

In the middle of Rome, overlooking the Tevere, we are proud to have our new Campus located in the prestigious Prati district.

The building, designed by Achille Zinnari, was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1911. In that occasion,  an Exposition celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Unification of Italy was organized in Rome, and a national architecture competition was launched for the construction of ten marvelous villas. Among these, the Villino Avenali was built, now home to the Rome Business School campus.

Like many other splendid buildings in the neighborhood, Villino Avenali also has the typical features of the so-called “Roman baroque”, characterized by floral decorative elements, stuccos, pilasters in a classical style. Medieval-style quotes blend elegantly with Liberty style elements and decorations.

The study and restoration work on the building, which began in November 2020 and ended in June 2021, were aimed to safeguard the aesthetic beauty of the building, and at the same time make it capable of hosting more than 500 students and equipping itself with innovative technologies.

Innovative technology

We use innovative technologies in our classrooms to enrich the overall educational experience and improve student learning outcomes on campus and online. The platforms and technologies in use have a profound impact on student learning.

Campus Location

Prestigious location. Central area (Prati neighbourhood), close to Vatican city, fifteen minutes from one of the main shopping districts of the capital city, via Cola di Rienzo and Villa Borghese, the largest and beloved public park in Rome. 

Easy accessible. Just 10 minutes on foot from Lepanto metro station, only a 20-minute metro ride from the Termini train station and a 30-minute taxi ride from Fiumicino airport. Very well served by the metro, bus and tram, accessible also from the motorway and located short distance from many parking options. Multiple car/bike-sharing possibilities all around.

Lively neiboorhood. Many food, accomodation and entertainment options, from traditional Roman cuisine to international and ethnic food choices, hotels and B&Bs, theatres, cinemas and events make Prati neiboorhood the perfect location to feel the magic of Rome and experience its culture and lifestyle.


Rome is the most visited city in Europe. Study in Rome offers you the possibility to discover the city’s impressive glorious monuments and archeological sites, its cultural and historical unparalleled richness. Not only spectacular acient ruins, Rome offers infinite cultural events, concerts, theaters, cinemas where you can experience the city’s vibes, lively and charismatic atmoshpere. 

The traditional Roman cuisine is amog the most appreciated in the word. At any corner, you can have a unique culinary experience: incredible tastes in restaurants and tavernes completely immersed in Rome’s beauty.

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