Every year, Rome Business School welcomes students from all around the world. We value the complete experience of each student, supporting opportunities for visas and accommodation, learning, involvement, leadership, community building and creative expressions that go way beyond the classroom.

At Rome Business School, “Studying can be fun!”.


Rome Business School is always ready to support all of our students in finding the right accommodation in Rome based on their own preferences and economic needs.


Rome Business School provides full support to students needing to apply for an Italian student Visa. We provide our students with all the necessary and required documents for Visa application purpose.


Learning the local language is important to fully integrate with the society and culture of Italy. At Rome Business School, we understand the importance of this factor, and we offer our students a chance to learn and improve their language skills by attending Italian Language courses.


A satisfying social life is essential to having a complete and fulfilling experience. For this reason, Rome Business School regularly organizes social events to allow students to socialize, exchange experiences and expand their connections.


Rome Business School offers company visits during which the students are able to see how their study is put into practice, meet employees and CEO of International firms. A chance to learn from real life experiences.


The city of Rome offers many cultural opportunities to discover the arts and historical stories of this living museum so-called “Rome“. Follow us in our visits and cultural activities to discover the eternal city with the Rome Business School.

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