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Excellence, energy, talent, passion, creativity and multiculturalism. These are the characteristics that identify Rome Business School as a different kind of learning experience.

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Who we are

Rome Business School is one of the top business schools in Italy by numbers of students per year and accreditations. Born in 2011, is now the most international one with more than 1,500 students coming from 161 countries. 

We offer high quality educational Master and MBA programs and Executive Education training programs intenationally accreditated and ranked among the top worldwide: Rome Business School is the best school to choose for you to become the manager the world needs.

Ever since Rome Business School was founded, we have focused our efforts on creating a multicultural, diverse learning environment. Choosing Rome Business School for a higher education program does not just mean receiving a top-level education, but also coming in contact with brand new perspectives and building strong and lasting bonds that span distances.

Better managers for a Better world

Planeta Formation y Universidades

Rome Business School is member of Planeta Formation y Universidades, an international network created by the group Planeta De Agostini, which embodies a strong commitment to university education and vocational and lifelong training. 

This means that more than 100,000 students of over 161 nationalities are being connected to talent and knowledge through open, flexible and useful models. On every level, in different subjects, method, and area.

Planeta Formación y Universidades, as a diversified business area of two large publishing, communication and entertainment groups, stays loyal to a set of essential high business values. A leading and enterprising spirit that is now combined with the latest technologies and the ambition to deliver for global communities.

Grupo Planeta

Grupo Planeta is the leading publishing and communication group in Spain and Latin America. Since the founding of Editorial Planeta in Barcelona in 1949, the group has diversified and boosted its several business areas, which alongside Planeta Formación y Universidades, currently include more than 100 publishing labels, communications media, content production for films and TV, its own distribution channels and online and distance sale outlets. A leading offer at the service of culture, training, information and audio-visual entertainment.

The first italian Business School with a total international heart


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