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News 23/04/2024

An Exciting Start For The New students at Rome Business School

Finally, the Welcome Week went through a series of informational sessions and direct engagement with new students through: Leaders Of Tomorrow: The Leaders of Tomorrow session was just a little window on what you will be learning and exploring during your future educational path. Master Kick Off: I
News 22/04/2024

BTPs: How Do They Work?

An Italy’s crucial product for the public debt. BTP: What Is It? BTP is a financial instruments issued by the Italian Treasury to finance the national public debt. In other words, when the state needs money, it issues these bonds and offers them to investors on the financial market. In return, inv
News 18/04/2024

Bridging the generation gap in the workplace: navigating future skills and artificial intelligence

The corporate landscape is currently in the midst of a profound transformation, driven by the convergence of generations and the imperative to adapt to emerging skills and artificial intelligence. To help us understand the issue we asked Valerio Mancini, Director of the Divulgative Research Center o
News 16/04/2024

Average salary increases 27% for Rome Business School students after completing the Master

Strong career impact thanks to and Master’s and MBA: Rome Business School’s Employment Report 2024 reveals that 70.1 percent of RBS students received a job offer before completing their Master’s degree and 76.3 percent found an increase in salary during their studies. Growing international ex

RBS Stories

Claudia Penati
Thanks to RBS, I had the opportunity to meet with representatives of several companies, including Doctors Without Borders, with whom I am currently working. Through my Master's degree at RBS, I gained skills that I am putting to use in my current work experience.
Nils Wilhelm
The RBS4Entrepreneurship program really helped me structure my startup idea. There are many things you don't think about when trying to launch a business, and this program gave me the tools to build my project.
Alessio Malvuccio
The Master's program in Fashion Management has given me so much, both in terms of notions but above all in terms of methodological approach, united both by interpersonal relationships with colleagues from all over the world and by professors who, through their own personal experience, have been able, day after day, to transfer to all of us their many experiences in their field of expertise.