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Ever since Rome Business School was founded, the main goal has always been to expand a wide international network of reference: not only students, staff, faculty and companies, but also a high-valued system of international schools as partners. RBSInternational it’s the department dedicated to boost international projects abroad: if you are a school, university, institution or also a student looking for a global experience, this is the place to be.

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Our Key Partners

Who can benefit from the RBSInternational Projects?

Partner Schools




International Mobility

Featuring different types of partnerships with the aim to encourage cooperation between institutions by promoting exchanges in a variety of teaching and business activities:

1. Semester Abroad

offers the possibility to host for one or two semesters students coming from other business schools, universities, and institutions. The total of credits recognized is 60 ECTS and the admission of students passes directly between the two International Departments to support the students the best way possible. Wanna experience the beautiful city of Rome combining the high-profile value propositions of our Masters? Whether you are a single student or a group, this is the place to be!

2. Global Business Programs

has designed a brand-new frontier of the international experience in the city of Rome combined with the effective one-week full immersion formula. Specialized training, coaching sessions and business challenges to develop powered by top companies of the sector. Customized service at the disposal of our school partners and new ones: if you have a delegation of students, a specialized focus topic, and the willingness to accept the challenge, here we are!

3. Bootcamps

is always seeking to serve RBS students and include them in as many international projects as possible. If you are a student and you want to gain your global experience, choose now the right boot camp for your career. Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Tuscany, Silicon Valley: these are the five destinations of summer 2022, with different topics but the same mindset. Get your luggage ready for a one-week business challenge, company visits and new network opportunities!

RBSInternational starts from your global steps
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Global Business Programs: is your school looking to incorporate an international experience?

Program Values

Business challenges

Coaching Sessions

Companies Network

Cultural Heritage

The Rome Business School Global Business Programs are designed to give participants the tools and resources to make the idea a reality by providing plenty of brainstorming sessions, innovative thinking exercises, business games simulation, designing thinking in-class activities, networking opportunities and business meetings to practice skills and set an entrepreneurial mindset.
The purpose of this 1 week international business week is to promote and expand international development, understanding, and friendship by stimulating and supporting educational, professional, and intercultural activities involving projects among participants, staffs, and professors.

1 week International Business Week in Italy

Networking and Partners

Rome Business School has solid partnerships in place with several globally renowned leading companies, such as Ferrari, Oracle, Microsoft, Valentino, Fendi, Bulgari, IBM, Eni, Enel, Enel X, SNAM, Telecom Italia, Armani, Eataly, Barilla, Altromercato, Ferrero, Starbucks, Hays, Marriot, ING Bank and many more. To ensure your students can build a strong professional network, we customized the organization of meetings, visits, events and guest lectures with representatives from elite business ecosystems, encouraging interaction between leading professional and the students, and facilitating the learning process.

Rome: the Eternal City

Home of a unique artistic heritage and a hotbed of multiple successful business activities, Rome is the top environment to reference a Business Study Program and become familiar with the working realities.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Team-Based & Mentorship

Participants divided in teams should put in place their managerial skills and ability into a team-based international business project, to develop an international business strategic plan for a problem or an opportunity of a company, operating globally. To develop this project, participants will have the support of mentors during the Program, to help participants, develop global mindset for developing international, creative and effective business strategies. On the last day, all teams must present their business projects in front of their mentors, peers and international business leaders.

SCHEDULE A PEER-TO-PEER MEETING with our RBSInternational and get a customized and flexible program for your next delegation of students!

RBSInternational starts from your global steps
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International Bootcamps: do you want to be a global student?

International Bootcamps are part of the 4 pillars of the Rome Business School value proposition.

To be the most international business school in Rome and in Italy, the global experience provided to our students is based on the internationality of our faculty, staff, classmates, companies, and the network directly created with the international school partners of Rome Business School.

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