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Executive Master in Human Resources Management

The Executive Master's in Human Resource Management aims to train human resource managers in the global and digital age. Excellent training, networking and career services will offer students a real breakthrough in their professional and cultural growth. The Master is taught entirely in Italian.

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Double Certification
Formula Executive
Method Flex
Language Italian
Start Date November 2023
Enrollment 82%
Available seats 7
23% OFF

Executive Master in Human Resources Overview 

The Master’s program uses case studies and a strongly applied approach so as to provide advanced personnel management skills and immediately expendable in the world of work. 

The Executive Master in Human Resources Management is the ideal choice for those who wish to excel as a human resource manager of the global and digital age. With a know-how-oriented teaching approach, the Master uses case studies and a highly applicative approach, in order to provide advanced personnel management skills that can be immediately used in the world of work.

The Master is taught entirely in Italian.

Shape your professional path through 4 pillars:

True link with companies

An international network of partner companies that will directly impact the students academic experience through the Business Practice LAB, Company visits, in class exercises and exclusive lecturers that will approach the theoretical contents of the master to the current professional reality.


Rome Business School is proudly the most international business school in Italy. Everyday we are capable to immerse our students in a stimulating environment, thanks to our international faculty. our class with mixed ethnicity and our exclusive experience: Bootcamps. Students will have the opportunity to participate in bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Paris, Qatar, Lagos, Rome and Tuscany.

Professional Impact

Our goal is to have a true impact on our students professional career, both through the academic and through our Career Services. In addition to the lectures, our Masters provide different services to build our students profile through a structured Career Services, company meetings from top international companies, Company Shadowing or Individual Coaching sessions and a soft skills programs.

Higher Purpose

Following our motto, Better Managers for a Better World, we believe in managers that build businesses with a higher purpose. For that, we will train leaders to be responsible and innovative, and to drive change in society starting within their own companies.

Why choose our Executive Master in Human Resources

Career Impact

Salary increase of +21%, after 1 year after completing Executive Master's Degree in Human Resource Management. Our students work in companies such as: GiGroup, Hays, Manpower and Amazon.

Double Certification

Thanks to the Executive Master in Human Resource Management, you can also earn a Level I Master's in Leadership & Humanistic Management from Roma Tre.

International Bootcamp

International Bootcamps in Rome, Sillicon Valley, Paris, Tuscany, Barcelona, Qatar and Lagos (Nigeria): you will have an engaging and challenging experience focused on business issues.

Preparation for major HR certifications

During your training at Rome Business School you will have the opportunity to discover with key certifications essential for HR Managers who aspire to work in major multinational companies.

Individual virtual coaching 

Unleash your potential to maximize your performance, achieve your goals, and increase your self-confidence through a journey with a qualified and experienced coach.

Among our partners


Executive Master in Human Resources Management: Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop Talent Attraction and Management actions. Design and implement the recruitment plan, based on the types of roles to be filled, identifying search channels, collecting and analyzing applications and CVs, based on the principles of fairness, inclusion, and non-discrimination. Evaluate and select candidates, defining fair, non-discriminatory, and transparent assessment procedures in advance, administering selection tests and tests, and conducting in-depth interviews.
  2. Promote digital transformation, understanding the changes and prospects with a sustainable approach to HR leadership within the organization. Implement change management plans, overseeing the implementation of actions aimed at transitioning from the current organizational structure to the planned one.
  3. Plan organizational development or restructuring interventions based on management input, conducting organizational diagnostics to identify critical issues in processes, positions, technical and structural resources, climate, and corporate culture, also with reference to the principles of fairness, inclusion, and non-discrimination. Optimize processes, improve efficiency, and promote greater collaboration among employees.
  4. Identify organizational roles and functions in relation to fundamental business structure and processes, support, direction, and control of the organization. Define activities and processes to enhance people’s employability through continuous learning experiences, skill development, job rotation, cultural competence, and diversity awareness.
  5. Oversee the implementation of human resources assessment activities aimed at analyzing training and development needs, conducting skills assessments, performance assessments, and potential assessments, preventing and removing any discrimination.
Develop Managerial Skills and an Innovative Perspective

During the first module of the Executive Master in Human Resources, students will learn notions of:

  • Managerial Economics
    This module aims to prepare students by providing them with the essentials of entrepreneurship and business planning.
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
    With this module, the managerial skills required to understand a Business Plan and its structure will be developed.
  • Business Strategy
    Through this module, students will know how to understand the long-term direction and strategy of a company, and will be able to identify the strategic business units of organizations.
  • Accounting & Budgeting
    This module is aimed at students understanding the importance of financial management and control principles, with key indicators such as ROI, EBIT, GAAP.
  • Project & Operations Management
    With this module, students will be able to manage projects, examine data and information, and have a diagnostic approach in solving problems.
  • Marketing: Traditional and Digital
    Students will learn the application of marketing principles in organizational decision making.
  • Human Resource Management
    This subject area focuses on strategic human resource issues such as workforce acquisition, development, motivation and retention.
  • Data Analytics ​for Managers
    This course is designed to equip students with the basic knowledge needed to analyze and interpret large sets of data, to make effective business decisions and strategies.
Implement effective Human Resource Strategies

During the second module of the Executive Master in Human Resources, students will learn:

  • People & Culture Strategy
    Students will learn how to manage human resources, implement tactics, create an HR plan, and gain recruitment and selection skills, as well as foster an inclusive work environment.
  • Talent Development
    The module focuses on five core topics: human resource training and development, communication and engagement, evaluation and compensation policies, compensation, and labor relations management. Students will gain skills in managing labor relations, implementing HR tactics, building compensation plans for international staff, evaluating and communicating performance systems, and planning staff training in line with business needs and budget constraints.
  • Organizational Behavior & Change Management
    This module focuses on the influence of people behaviors and organizational relationships on business performance. Students will gain skills in analyzing diversity, understanding individual characteristics and values in the workplace, developing effective teams, and providing useful feedback for organizational change.
  • Global HR
    The module explores global leadership practices and the concept of cross functional experience, enabling students to understand whether future leadership will be vertical or horizontal. The cross functional experience provides a comprehensive perspective on the business and helps make informed decisions considering the challenges of each functional group.
HR Tech and Digital HR to be responsible and Innovative leaders in Human Resources

During the third module of the Executive Master in Human Resources, students will learn deepen:

  • Digital HR Transformation
    The module focuses on digital HR transformation, exploring the use of technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud. Students will learn about the impact of digitization on HR management, including topics such as people analytics, artificial intelligence, HR gamification, and the role of HR in the context of virtual workplaces and smart working.
  • Better Managers for a Better World
    This module focuses on corporate social responsibility, business ethics and managing socially responsible activities. Students will learn how to contribute to social goals through philanthropic, activist or charitable practices, and acquire soft skills and competencies in applying the agile method in HR and organizations, including creating a “safe” environment for innovation and accepting a culture of error.
Double Certification - Roma Tre

Through the Executive Master’s in Human Resource Management, students will be able to take modules from Roma Tre’s Master’s in Leadership & Humanistic Management and earn dual certification, delving into:

  • Human Skills and Education
    The goal of this module is to enable the acquisition of awareness with respect to one’s human skills.
  • Leadership for Life
    Students will design training interventions aimed at cultivating resources within a work group.
  • Humanistic Leadership
    This module will explore different leadership styles, with a focus on what it means to be a humanistic leader and historical examples.
  • Humanistic Management
    Students will be taught performative and creative teaching methods, resorting to the classical arts.
Skills to be competitive
  1. Individual Coaching
  2. Executive Mentoring production review of curricular material
  3. Company meetings with leading companies
  4. Executive Mentoring for preliminary orientation towards entrepreneurship
An educational experience

At the end of your educational experience, you will have the chance to prove your abilities by tackling a real business challenge. Use your talent to identify opportunities and create a truly innovative strategy.

Tackle a real company challenge. You can choose to be part of a small team and design a Marketing plan for a new business or develop a strategy to increase online sales or create a loyalty offering for different generation.

You will be given two case studies from two real companies that will allow you to test your knowledge learnt during the master’s course.

Previous years’ experiences 

The Practical Challenge:

Build compensation packages-with time-step path (e.g., at one year after creation, at five years, at ten years)-consistent with the set-up of the new company and which does not take into account, at trend, provenance through classic HRO tools (contracts, agreements, unilateral initiatives, etc.).

Rome Business School International Bootcamps experiences

During the full week you will experience an intensive and fully immersive business experience, facing challenges, dealing with managers, students and lecturers, and creating your own project that will be presented at the end of the Bootcamp Experience 

Rome Business School International Bootcamps experiences

Change your life forever: discover where the World Technology was born and grown. From microprocessors to computers, from browser to social media, from sharing economy to crypto currencies.


The challenge is how to combine creation and management in a luxury house as in all types of companies.

Sup de Luxe welcomes every year more than 500 students from all over the world. Since its creation, the school has enjoyed an undeniable success with its network of 3.500 graduates.

Develop a completely new business idea through the Google Ventures Methodology: The Design Sprint. How innovation and entrepreneurship are leading the change of the global market.

The aim is to mix together contents and network to become leaders in the strategy of your current or future company.

Experience Italy through a native person’s perspective by a cultural exploration and understanding of not only the process of winemaking, but mostly the convivial importance of food and wine.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to do business, generate growth as a socially responsible leader and discover the giant of Africa.

Discover and develop unique opportunities to grow in a dynamic environment with a traditional yet modern approach to business.

Master in Partnership with Università degli Studi Roma Tre

The partnership between Rome Business School and Università degli Studi Roma Tre aims to connect and combine two complementary educational approaches to ensure students have a well-rounded experience.

Through the partnership offered, students will obtain 60 university credits and earn two Masters:

  • Master’s in Human Resource Management
  • Master’s in Leadership & Humanistic Management (asynchronous teledidactic mode on demand)

 Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Università degli Studi Roma Tre is a young university for young people: founded in 1992, it has rapidly grown both in terms of students and courses of study offered.

It is a modern and international university, which has dedicated itself to improving the urban development of Rome through a process of renovation and reuse of disused industrial buildings.
The founding values of Roma Tre are articulated in the promotion and organization of research at the international level, higher education, development and dissemination of knowledge, environmental protection, international solidarity, gender equality, and the evaluation and encouragement of merit.

Numbers of Roma Tre

1992 Foundation year
35k Enrolled
979+ Professors
69 Postgraduate Courses
13 Departments
122k Graduates
1.4k International Study Experiences
112 Graduate and Doctoral Programs


Rome Business School’s Executive Master in Human Resources is taught by highly selected international university professors, trainers, and business managers drawn from a variety of operational and professional fields, from advertising to sales, from entrepreneurship to digital marketing. The teaching approach is oriented toward the acquisition of know-how in order to transfer skills that are truly useful for participants’ professional development. 

Katiuscha Gabriele

Program Director of the Executive Master in Human Resources Management

She has worked in the human resources sector for more than 20 years. Today she is in charge of the function that takes care of talent attraction, people development, engagement and inclusion activities within TIM's Corporate University.

Valeria Caggiano

Program Director of the Master in Leadership & Humanistic Management

Associate Professor at the University of Roma Tre, has a Ph.D. in Work Psychology and Human Resource Management, and is a lecturer in Work and Organizational Pedagogy. She currently works with emerging countries focusing on entrepreneurship education.

Irene Maccabruni Senior HR Manager Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

Senior Talent Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Italy 15 years of experience in hr moving from more specialized topics like training, development, organization, engagement, acquisition, contracting to more generalist roles like HRBP, HRM commercial. Two and a half years on the Senior Talent Manager role, in CCHBC for about 6. Previously worked in consulting and in companies in a variety of industries such as automation, fast fashion and editorial

Vincenzo Mazzotta Founder Studio Mazzotta

Vincenzo Mazzotta (PHD - MBA) is a University Lecturer and Certified Public Accountant. He teaches Financial Management & Markets at LUMSA University, Accounting and Finance at Rome Business School and has numerous experiences teaching Financial Management at Study Abroad Programs of American Universities. As a consultant, he founded about 15 years ago Studio Mazzotta - of which he is Owner - operating in the field of Corporate Finance, supporting companies and research centers in investment and financing strategies.

Placido Baglio Human Resources Manager

HR Manager with consolidated experience (30 years) in leading international commercial (Retail) and industrial (Oil&Gas) companies, with demonstrated ability to work in multicultural environments, both in the start-up and development phase and in periods of deep reorganization and restructuring. Currently, he holds the position of Human Resources Manager for Italy and Albania, TAP AG: a company established for the design, development and construction of the Trans AdriaticPipeline (TAP) gas pipeline. Currently, TAP has about 200 oil and natural gas specialists from different countries and hundreds of experts from consulting companies.

Laura De Micco Learning Manager Italy Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

Laura De Micco, class of '88, Neapolitan by birth and Milanese by adoption. She graduated from the Liceo Classico high school and received her master's degree in Modern Literature from the University Federico II of Naples. For 10 years she has been working in Human Resources in Milan (Selection, Employer Branding, Training and Development). She currently holds the position of Learning Manager in Coca-Cola HBC Italy at the Milan office. Since October 2021, she has been appointed as Agile Coach & Scrum Master in a one-year strategic Business project.

Pisi Vitagliano_professor
Fabio Pisi Vitagliano  Executive Coach COCREA

Fabio, MBA, PhD is an ICF certified corporate coach. He holds an MBA from IE Business School and a PhD in philosophy. He worked as a Corporate Trainer and Strategy Consultant at Accenture for several years. He is also an adjunct professor, teaching various subjects in the area of human resources. He holds an MBA from IE Business School.

Giuditta Alessandrini
Giuditta Alessandrini Senior Full Professor

Holder of the teaching of Social Pedagogy, Labor Pedagogy and Pedagogy of Human Resources and Organizations (in the Bachelor's and Master's degree course at the Department of Education Sciences, University of Rome TRE). Since the mid-1990s, he has carried out training and training coordination activities at a number of institutions and companies (including the Higher School of Public Administration, Iri management, Telecom, Selex Sistemi Integrati and Telespazio - Finmeccanica Group -, INPS,BNL, ENI, CUOA, TERNA, Strade Anas, Fondartigianato, Department of Educational and School Services of the Municipality of Rome, Poste Italiane).

Antonio Ragusa Rome Business School - Founder and Dean

He is the founder and Dean of Rome Business School. Graduated cum laude in law and qualified as a lawyer, he has a Master of Business Administration from London’s Imperial College Business School, further specializing in marketing and communications at the London School of Economics. He has been teaching managerial disciplines at many Universities and Research Centres. He has many years of managerial experience in international companies such as Enel and Trenitalia. He is the author of publications on subjects related to organizational communication, marketing and human resources management. Among his awards and recognitions: New York Award 2018 and Emilio Castelar Award 2019 for his commitment in education at an international level.

Massimo Scarcello Director of the Academic Department and of the Academic Research Center

Dr. Massimo Scarcello is the Director of the Academic Research Center and Academic Department of Rome Business School, part of Planeta Formación y Universidades Group. He has over 30 years of work experience, more than 20 of which he has spent in the Education Industry. Passionate about talent development around the world, he is focused on providing a cutting-edge learning experience and relevant content, balancing academic quality and managerial relevance, placing great value on organizational development based on lifelong learning and strategic approach. He was, among others, head of executive education at the Milano School of Management at the University of Milan and director at Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School. He previously held management level positions in national and international companies.

Ema Di Petrillo Head of Rome Business School Corporate Advisory Board

Academic Supervisor at Rome Business School. MBA with specialization in Marketing (graduated with honors) from American College University in Skopje. 13 years of work experience in education internationally and a great passion for empowering others through education and teaching. Winner of numerous awards for Public Speaking, including the 'Young leaders'' award in 2011 for the best oratorical speech in an international young leaders' public speaking competition. She teaches soft skills topics including public speaking for business, cross-cultural communication, value creation and customer engagement, personal branding, etc. Her goal is to combine her range of experiences with the ability to be a compassionate and enthusiastic teacher who will enable students to be the best version of themselves.

Raffaella Leproni Researcher and adjunct professor of English language and translation at Roma Tre

Raffaella Leproni is a researcher and adjunct professor of English Language and Translation at the Department of Education Sciences at the University of Roma Tre, where she conducts teaching in several Courses of Study, Masters and Doctorates using authentic materials of socio-pedagogical and educational matrix in CLIL perspective. Her research activity focuses on the specialized languages of HR and social sciences, as well as on the role of identity as a point of reference in an intercultural perspective.

Amelia Broccoli Full professor of general pedagogy and philosophy of education at Roma Tre

Full Professor of General Pedagogy and Philosophy of Education at the Department of Education Sciences, University of Roma Tre. Visiting Professor at the Universidad de Granada. In 2021 he received the SIPED Prize for the volume "Persuasive Communication. Ethics, Rhetoric, Education". 20 years of experience as a lecturer, has published several monographs, articles and essays.

Francesco Pompeo Associate Professor in demoethnoanthropological disciplines

Associate Professor in demoethnoanthropological disciplines, since 2005 Aggregate Professor and since 2004 Researcher at the Department of Education Sciences, University of Roma Tre. Research interests and areas: Political Anthropology; Urban Anthropology; Multiculturalism and Migration; Sub-Saharan Africa and Diaspora; Ethnic Conflicts, Localisms and Globalization; Exclusion and Racism; History of Italian Anthropology. Italy (Rome); Cameroon, Cuba, Rwanda, Mali, Senegal. Among various assignments at institutions of high international qualification, he was Component of the Scientific Committee of the Observatoire national des politiques éducatives locales (PolOc), École Normale Supérieure de Lyon -Institut Français de l'Éducation -UMR-CNRS Triangle; Professeur invité at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS).

Cinzia Angelini Associate Professor at the Department of Education Sciences at Roma Tre

Associate Professor at the Department of Education Sciences, University of Roma Tre. Lecturer in Experimental Pedagogy, Educational Research, Writing Didactics and Handwriting.

Your Mentors

Corporate Advisory Board

By becoming a key player in the Quality Assurance Process, the process of continuous improvement of the Rome Business School’s range of Management Training programmes, the Corporate Advisory Board embodies the spirit of collaboration between the academic world and the real management sphere.

Composed of 101 Leaders, Managers, and Professionals from key areas of National and International Businesses, Rome Business School activates a process of continuously updating its training programmes through the Corporate Advisory Board, relying on numerous business interactions and inputs provided by the committee members in the annual meetings and discussions with the school.


101 Members
21 Human Resources
30 Marketing and Sales Communication

Career and Entrepreneurship Services

Throughout your Executive Master in Human Resourcesyou will be accompanied and supported by our Career Services team. With over 10 years’ experience in education, we help young talents and managers to build their future, guiding them along the path that best suits their capabilities, desires and professional goals.  

To give our students the best support achieving their professional objectives, we’ve structured our Career Service into two core areas: 

The master is particularly suitable for those who want to pursue a career in the following roles:

  • Cultural Leader
  • Cultural events manager
  • Project manager in arts and cultural organizations
  • Fundraising expert for cultural organizations
  • Entrepreneur in the arts
  • Gallery Assistant
  • Marketing and communications manager

Admission process

Rome Business School works hard to maintain the highest standard of quality in the programs we offer. That’s why, in order to ensure the eligibility of the candidates, all applicants must undergo and successfully pass a selection process structured as follows:

Evaluation of credentials
Application Confirmation
Selection Interview

The admission process is aimed to verify the candidate’s eligibility to attend the Executive Master in Human Resources Management. The candidate’s academic history, previous experiences in the topics covered in the Master and motivation will be matters of the evaluation. Once it’s sent, the application will be evaluated by the Rome Business School’s academic committee. In order to ensure the application’s suitability, it is important to deliver all of the required documentation.

Executive Master in Human Resources: Financial Aid and Tuition


Payment of the participation fee of € 10,500 can be made in the following ways:

  • Installments from moments of enrollment (earlier enrollment for more installments)
  • Full Payment with an additional discount of -10%

Tuition Fee

Depending on the candidate’s personal profile, experience and proven motivation, he or she may be eligible for relief to partially cover the participation fee.


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