If you have an entrepreneurial idea, you’re in the right place.
We’ll help you get ready to build your business and get connected with the ecosystem.

Wannabe entrepreneur?

The entrepreneurial mindset is the key for the future: RBS4Entrepreneurship aims to support the development of new innovative ventures.

Join RBS4Entrepreneurship today: discover our educational and training path with talks and workshops, an incubation program with all the support you need to launch your project!

With Rome Business School 4 Entrepreneurship you will develop essential skills that will support you in becoming a future-proof entrepreneur.

Open training program

Increase your knowledge and learn more about the startup ecosystem!

Featuring entrepreneurial workshops and talks with the aim to train our students and give you the necessary skills to transform an entrepreneurial dream into a semi-structured project


A cycle of specific workshops will introduce you to the startup world and help you understand its processes and methodologies.


Learn more about successful startup ecosystems & get to know the startup makers!

A unique opportunity to broaden your professional horizons by meeting startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors during interactive talk and Q&A sessions.


Do you have an idea but still don’t have a team?

Take part in our #MeetYourTeam event: a morning together in which you can find potential co-founders and start working together as a team, and finally submit your project.

Every Friday starting from November the 19th

RBS HUB Incubation Program

Better entrepreneurs for a better world

Do you have a winning idea?

RBS HUB Incubation Program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who are working on the development of early stage business ideas: 6 months to validate your project and get ready to launch your startup and let your business thrive.

The top #5 projects will have the chance to join our program and develop into a MVP ( Minimum Viable Product)!

Program values

*The program will be held entirely in English

What you’ll get from the Incubation Program:

10.000 € worth services package including:

  • Physical access to the RBS Creative Arena
  • Virtual access to the innovation platform to track your progress
  • Specific training with the Venture Labs
  • One-to-one mentorship with experienced mentors
  • Private roundtable to get in touch and discuss with entrepreneurs, startups and ecosystem
  • Innovative methodologies to develop the project
  • Ongoing support from the Incubator’s coordinator.


Pre-registration opening

Project submission deadline for Incubation Program

Selection Day

Incubation program admission announcement

Incubation kickoff

Pitch day

26th of October

14th of January

February 2022

February 2022

April 2022

October 2022

Prize for the winning startup

At the end of the incubation program, the selected projects will be admitted to the Pitch Day held in March 2022.

The first project will be awarded with an amount of €2,5 K prize in services package for the business development and growth.

The best project will be guided in an intensive last 5 weeks-sprint* to get the final rush into your startup launch and work on specific topics based on the project needs, for a totally tailor-made program.

*The final sprint will be held in April/May 2022.

Do you need support in your project?

Free mentorship

You will have the chance to book a 15-min individual mentorship with our staff to ask any question about the program or to get some advice about the project you want to submit.

Our team

Florinda Orsini

Head of Career Service

Susanna Ercolani

Open and incubation program Coordinator

Riccardo Migliorelli

Incubation startup mentor

Lorenza Davide

Incubation startup mentor

Francesco Franciò

Incubation startup mentor

Evaluation committee

Luca Tesauro

Founder & CEO | Giffoni Innovation Hub

Carmen Martos Molina

Head of Career Services & Entrepreneurship | EAE Business School Spain

Andrea Pietrini

Founder and Chairman | YOURgroup

Marco Rosci

CEO & Co-Founder - Epicode School Alumnus Rome Business School

Francesco Salvatore

Head of Innovation – Tree, an Opinno company

Antonio Ragusa

Founder and Dean | Rome Business School

Mr Anindya Saha

Investor & Entrepreneur| Neroventures


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