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International Master in Food and Beverage Management ​ 

The Program aims to develop professionals who will master and sharpen their skills and embrace change, capable of recognizing the production and quality assurance processes peculiar to Food, Wine and Beverage.

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Formula International
Method On Campus
Language English
Start Date October 2023
Enrollment 76%
Available seats 8
Scholarship valid until September 29th
20% UP TO

International Master in Food and Beverage Management Overview

The master focuses on make professionals able to operate in a global market by developing specific managerial and communication competences.   

Professionals, who will also generate competitive advantages, build deluxe brands in the fine food, wine, and beverage sectors, by capitalizing on new technologies, by utilizing the most advanced marketing techniques to promote companies and products. 

Shape your professional path through 4 pillars:

Real link with companies

An international network of companies’ partners to help young and senior professional in building their careers and RBS to create the better learning experience possible, thanks to Business Practice LAB, Company visits, in class exercises and exclusive lecturers.


Rome Business School is proudly the most international business school in Italy, being able to immerse our students in a stimulating environment, thanks to our international faculty, our exclusive Bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Tuscany and mixed ethnicity in our classes.

Professional Impact

Our higher purpose is to build managers and leaders. For this reason, we’ve built our Masters around our student’s professional and personal growth, providing different service and experiences, just like our Career Service, multiple company meetings, Company Shadowing, Individual Coaching sessions and a soft skills program.

Higher Purpose

Following our motto, Better Managers for a Better World, an entire section of our Masters is fully dedicated to higher purpose in business, Corporate Social Responsibility and creation of a sustainable approach and mindset to business

Why choose our International Master in Food and Beverage Management?

Career Impact

+22% Salary Growth, with over 69% of students finding a new job whitin six months finishing the Master and over 50% before the completition of the Master. Our students are working today in prestigious companies in the F&B Sector such as Zuma, RoccoForte and Volognano.

Tuscany Bootcamp

1 Week Bootcamp on Tourism, Food, Wine & Experiential Luxury in Tuscany. Immerse yourself into gastronomic luxury tour in Florence and Volognano, exploring the wine and gastronomic culture in Italy, with visits ​and private tastings. Students will be invited to attend the following "Made in Italy" food and wine fairs: Sol & Agrifood, Vinitaly, Tuttofood, Taste Florence, Euro Chocolate, Milano Wine Week, Merano Wine Festival, and Festival del Giornalismo Alimentare Torino. ​

Career Services

The Career Center daily help professionals and students to build their future, guiding them along the path that best suits their capabilities, desires and professional goals. Moreover, through the Career Center students have access to exclusive tools including a job portal, expert mentoring, consulting training, career targeting, and an accelerator. It provides everything the student needs to fulfill aspirations, helping to make the most of the knowledge and capabilities of each of them.

Business in Action​

Business Practice lab: Meet the Managers, do a Hands-on class and get on a task. Explore wines, do wine testing, learn how to do delux wine photography, powered by Consortium Vino Chianti. Also they will create a Menu engineering for fine dining restaurant and do a simulation of critical gastronomy and restaurant guide rankings.

Among our Partners:

International Master in Food and Beverage Management: Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge and Understanding: By the end of the master’s program, students will be able to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the key concepts, theories, and principles within the food and beverage management field, including industry trends, marketing strategies, financial management principles, and sustainable practices.
  2. Practice: Applied Knowledge, Skills, and Understanding: Upon completion of the program, students will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios in the food and beverage industry. They will demonstrate the ability to analyze and solve complex problems, make informed decisions, and implement effective strategies that align with industry best practices.
  3. Generic Cognitive Skills: Students will develop and enhance their critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving skills throughout the program. They will be able to critically evaluate information, assess the implications of different approaches, and develop innovative solutions to address challenges within the food and beverage industry.
  4. Communication, ICT, and Numeracy Skills: Throughout their studies, students will refine their communication skills to effectively convey ideas, strategies, and recommendations to diverse stakeholders in the food and beverage sector. They will demonstrate proficiency in utilizing information and communication technologies (ICT) relevant to the industry and showcase numeracy skills required for financial analysis, budgeting, and data interpretation.
  5. Autonomy, Accountability, and Working with Others: By the end of the program, students will demonstrate a high level of autonomy, accountability, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team. They will exhibit self-direction in their learning, take responsibility for their actions, and collaborate successfully with others to achieve common goals. They will also understand the ethical considerations and professional responsibilities associated with managing food and beverage operations.
Develop managerial skills & innovative perspective for food, wine & beverage management

During the first module of the International Master in Food and Beverage Management​, students will learn notions of:

  • Managerial Economics
    This module aims to prepare students by providing them with the essentials of entrepreneurship and business planning.
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
    With this module, the managerial skills required to understand a Business Plan and its structure will be developed.
  • Business Strategy
    Through this module, students will know how to understand the long-term direction and strategy of a company, and will be able to identify the strategic business units of organizations.
  • Accounting & Budgeting
    This module is aimed at students understanding the importance of financial management and control principles, with key indicators such as ROI, EBIT, GAAP.
  • Project & Operations Management
    With this module, students will be able to manage projects, examine data and information, and have a diagnostic approach in solving problems.
  • Marketing: Traditional and Digital
    Students will learn the application of marketing principles in organizational decision making.
  • Human Resource Management
    This subject area focuses on strategic human resource issues such as workforce acquisition, development, motivation and retention.
Create impactful marketing, branding, communication and be able to manage luxuryt fine dining experience & delux wine

During the second module of the International Master in Food and Beverage Management, students will deepen:

1) Global Food, Wine, and Beverage Industry​:

  • Overview of the World Food Economy & Food, Beverage, and Agrifood System​
  • Leveraging the Strength of ‘Made in Italy’ with a Focus on Food and Beverage​
  • Ensuring Job Health and Safety: Regulations and Documentation​
  • Internationalization Strategies and Export Potential for ‘Made in Italy’ F&B Products​
  • F&B in Hospitality & Luxury Hotels​
  • Slow Food Philosophy: Preserving Tradition and Sustainability in Gastronomy​

2) Food Management​:

  • Developing Effective Strategies and Positioning for Start-up Restaurant Formats​
  • Designing an Innovative Food Offering & Implementing Menu Engineering Techniques​
  • Optimizing Restaurant and Kitchen Layouts for Aesthetics and Functionality​
  • Culinary Management: Enhancing Culinary Skills and Managing Kitchen Operations​
  • Food Risk Management: Managing Risks associated with Food intolerances ​
  • Supplier Selection for Food Procurement & Cost Control​
  • Food Costs (Active/Passive) with Practical Exercises​

3) Wine & Beverage Management​:

  • Crafting a Captivating Wine & Beverage Offering ​
  • Implementing Wine List Engineering for Optimal Customer Experience ​
  • Supplier Selection and Beverage Cost Control Techniques ​
  • Wine Appreciation and Tasting Techniques for Wine Professionals​
  • F&B and Spirits: Exploring the World of Distilled Beverages​

4) Deluxe Brands, Marketing, and Communication of Food, Wine, and Beverage​:

  • Delux Brand Management for Fine Food, Wine and Beverage ​
  • Utilizing Audio-Visual Communication in the F&B Industry​
  • Effective Mass Media Strategies, Storytelling, and Public Relations​
  • Trade Marketing and New Sales Channels: Exploring Strategies for Trade, Retail & Category Marketing
Set socially responsabile mindset to trasform the food, wine and beverage sector environmentally sustainable

During the third module of the International Master in Food and Beverage Management, students will learn:

5) Software Technologies in F&B​:

  • Introduction to Technology in F&B Operations​
  • Channels and Digital Tools to Acquire New Customers​
  • Data Analysis in F&B: Leveraging Insights for Decision-Making​
  • Performance Measurement and Business Analytics for F&B​
  • Revenue, Channel, and Demand Management ​
  • Customer Experience, Service Excellence, and Personalization​

6) Future Trends and Innovations in F&B​:

  • Exploring New and Future Trends, Innovation and Disruptions for a Business Growth F&B Industry​
  • Understanding Food and Wine Processing Technologies​
  • New Technologies: From Production Chain to New Product Development & Services​
  • Innovations in the Allergen-Free Food Sector​
  • Ghost Restaurants and Dark Kitchens: The Future of F&B Delivery Conce
Why Electives?

Future managers, business owners, and professionals who are prepared to take advantage of the advantages of digitalization, go worldwide, and make a meaningful contribution to society are what Rome Business School seeks to build.

By focusing on in-demand skills, electives are the perfect instruments for students to increase their employability.

  • Electives assist students in carving out a niche for themselves and becoming more competitive.
  • Electives expose students to courses they might not have encountered otherwise.
  • Electives provide a one-of-a-kind curriculum that fosters life and career skills. ​
  • Elective courses are organized in 4 main areas of interest: Innovation & Growth, Tech & ICT, Industry focus and International Business. You can choose one of them
Practice Lab | In partnership with

Rome Business School Practice Lab is the place where theoretical concepts are put in practice and participants learn through experience. The Lab is run by Consortium Vino Chianti managers who will examine different specialist knowledge, work on exercises and network, while sharing their experience and expertise with the students. This Lab is entirely run by Consortium Vino Chianti managers with whom you will create strategy to guide customers through the customer’s journey of Consortium Vino Chianti.



Capstone Project

You will have the opportunity to exhibit your abilities at the end of the course by tackling a real-world business challenge. Utilize your skills to find chances and create a truly inventive plan.

Face a real-life business challenge. You have the option of working in a small group, developing an internet sales plan, or developing a loyalty programme for different generations.

Two case studies from two real firms will be assigned to you to put your master’s course knowledge to the test.

Previous years’ experiences

The Practical Challenge:

Developing a new sales and marketing strategy to increase the sales of the wine product line ‘’Per Me and Per Te Wines’’ of the Volognano Azienda Agricola – Italian Winery.  Company: Volognano Azienda Agricola.

Rome Business School International Bootcamps experiences


There’s the opportunity to experience an intensive and fully immersive business experience during a week, facing challenges, dealing with managers, students and lecturers, and creating your own project that will be presented at the end of the Bootcamp Experience.




Change your life forever: discover where the World Technology was born and grown. From microprocessors to computers, from browser to social media, from sharing economy to crypto currencies.




The challenge is how to combine creation and management in a luxury house as in all types of companies.

Sup de Luxe welcomes every year more than 500 students from all over the world. Since its creation, the school has enjoyed an undeniable success with its network of 3.500 graduates.


Develop a completely new business idea through the Google Ventures Methodology: The Design Sprint. How innovation and entrepreneurship are leading the change of the global market.


The aim is to mix together contents and network to become leaders in the strategy of your current or future company.


Experience Italy through a native person’s perspective by a cultural exploration and understanding of not only the process of winemaking, but mostly the convivial importance of food and wine.


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to do business, generate growth as a socially responsible leader and discover the giant of Africa.


Discover and develop unique opportunities to grow in a dynamic environment with a traditional yet modern approach to business.



Highly qualified international university professors, trainers, and business managers who come from a range of operational and professional fields—from merchandiser to lawyer, from entrepreneurship to coach and speaker—hold the Rome Business School’s International Master in Food and Beverage Management . The educational strategy aims to provide students with the knowledge and abilities that the market currently demands.



Program Director

Camilla Carrega

Graduated at the Università degli Studi di Firenze with an undergraduate Viticulture Enology and master degree in Enology, she has been Wine instructor, Wine Department Chair and Academic Coordinator of Food and Wine Studies at Apicius International school of hospitality in Florence, traveling multiple times in USA to promote the Italian lifestyle trough food and wine, collaborating with the James Beard foundation in NY, and several American Universities Camilla has been the Academic Programs Coordinator at Gambero Rosso in its headquarter in Rome

Gambero Rosso is the Number One Multimedia Company in Italy, always at the forefront in discovering and launching new trends and strongly involved in Promoting Supporting the best of “Made in Italy” . For 30 years Gambero Rosso has contributed to the achievement of the best Italian cuisine and wines, combining tradition and novelty, authenticity of raw materials and production innovation. 

She is also Mentor for Startup bootcamp FoodTech which is the leading accelerator of startups supporting and scaling companies innovating and disrupting the food industry where she is mentoring in everything related to food and wine management, business model, international education Today Camilla is Property Owner Chief Operating Officer at Volognano, www volognano com and free consultant in branding and communication strategy for Food Beverage companies.

Diana Lenzi​ CEJA Young Farmers - President

CEO at Gastronomik, consulting agency for the food industry. He worked as a consultant for companies such as: dry media srl ​​(for the television format “STREET FOOD BATTLE” for Coca-Cola Italia and Mediaset Italia1), FIERE DI PARMA SPA, EXPO MILANO. He has also worked for LOVEATWELL srl, as High-Quality Food Product Selector for the e-commerce and He also collaborated with Gambero Rosso, for reviews, and with Endemol Shine Group – Australia (AUS), for MASTERCHEF Australia – season 7 as Coordinator F&B and Hospitality – Italian Tour – Emilia-Romagna. Together with other professionals, he recently developed a tool (Sensory Box) to help patients regain their sense of smell and correct sensory deficits, after COVID19.

Roberta Virgilio Food And Beverage Operations Consultant - Freelance

Consulente di Food And Beverage Operations con 10 anni di gestione e consulenza in cucina e oltre 5 anni di progetti di cooperazione internazionale in paesi in via di sviluppo. Esperta in negoziazione, cucina, gestione di eventi, relazioni internazionali. Tra le sue esperienze, ha lavorato come executive chef presso il Caffè delle Esposizioni e Chef consultant & Project Manager presso Laurenzi Consulting. 

Salvatore Cosenza​
Salvatore Cosenza Marketing Consultant - Freelance

Cosenza is Content and Community Manager, Food Writer and Marketing Consultant. He graduated in Ideation and planning of content and services for Digital TV at La Sapienza University, Rome. He writes articles about food and craft beer for several Italian websites and restaurants guides. Currently, writing for Food writer per He also teaches at “beer tasting” courses. He was the Community Manager of Yelp in Rome and previously I worked as TV author.

Letizia  Sebregondi ​
Letizia  Sebregondi  Grapes - Founder 

CEO & FounderatGr@pes–company for digital marketing campaigns and online sales with a focus on wineries. Letizia has a degree in Economics and Marketing and enters in the world of Wine as an Export Manager for Castello del Terricio. She has also worked as a Sales Planning Manager at and as a Sales & Brand Manager at Vinci Importadora–Mistral Group.

Filippo Galanti
Filippo Galanti Divinea - Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer

Co-Founder & Business Development at Divinea. Divinea is a marketplace for wine tourism, making wineries and wine experiences more accessible to everyone. Among his experiences, he worked as a business innovation & development manager at E-Novia, (a unique institution in the Italian industrial landscape, an ‘Enterprise Factory’ which assists and optimises the transformation of research into products, researchers into entrepreneurs and start-ups into companies).  He also was Business Development Manager at YAPE (Your Autonomous Pony Express), is an e-Novia Portfolio Company that has given birth to the first self-driving, electric and ultra-light urban delivery vehicle entirely designed and built in Italy.

Danilo Di Pasquale 2
Danilo Di Pasquale Owner of the Company Suite24 - Hotel Business Development

With a Master's Degree in Hospitality Administration & Management at Cornell University, he is now Owner of the Company Suite24, a consulting company dealing with Hotel Business Development and Management. He is also Cluster Operations Director at Bianconi Ospitalità, a hotel and restaurant group in Norcia from 2 centuries, Furthermore, he has over 20 years of experience in the managerial sector working in various hotels.

Your Mentors

An International Leading Team | CAB

The Corporate Advisory Board embodies the spirit of collaboration between the academic world and the real management sphere by becoming one of the key players in the Quality Assurance Process, the process of continuous improvement of the Rome Business School’s range of Management Training programs.

Composed of 87 Leaders, Managers and Professionals from key areas of National and International Businesses, through the Corporate Advisory Board, Rome Business School activates a process of continuously updating its training programs, relying on numerous business interactions and inputs provided by the members of the committee in the annual meetings and discussions with the school.


101 Members
19 CEO and General Management
30 Marketing & Sales

Career and Entrepreneurship Services

Throughout your International Master in Food and Beverage Managementyou will be accompanied and supported by our Career Services team. With over 10 years’ experience in education, we help young talents and managers to build their future, guiding them along the path that best suits their capabilities, desires and professional goals.  

To give our students the best support achieving their professional objectives, we’ve structured our Career Service into two core areas: 

The master is particularly suitable for those who want to pursue a career in the following roles:


  • Food & Wine Manager 
  • Brand Manager 
  • Restaurant Manager 
  • Food & Beverage Service Supervisor 
  • Catering Manager 
  • Banqueting Managers 
  • Marketing and Communication Manager 
  • Director of F&B Operations 
  • F&B Consultant 
  • Entrepreneur in the F&B industry 
  • Winemaker

Admission process

Rome Business School works hard to maintain the greatest degree of competence in the courses it offers. As a result, in order to ensure the candidates' eligibility, all applicants must go through and successfully pass the following selection process:

Evaluation of credentials
Application Confirmation
Selection Interview

The goal of the admissions procedure is to confirm a candidate’s eligibility to enrol in the International Master Food and Beverage Management. Academic background, prior experiences in the Master’s programme themes, and motivation will all be considered while evaluating candidates. Following submission, the application will be reviewed by the academic committee of the Rome Business School. All relevant papers must be included in order for the application to be accepted.


International Master in Food and Beverage Management:

Financial Aid and Scholarships


Payment of the participation fee of € 7,900 can be made in the following ways:

  • 6 interest free installments after the course starts
  • Installments before the course starts with an additional 5% discount
  • Single payment solution by the enrollment deadline with an additional 10% discount


Based on their personal profile, experience and proven motivation, the candidate may be awarded a scholarship to partially cover the participation fee. In fact, Rome Business School offers the most deserving candidates the opportunity to benefit from 7 different types of scholarships. These partial economic hedges can consist of 6 months of interest-free financing.


  1. Early Enrollment Incentive
  2. Lifelong Learning Scholarship
  3. Academic Excellence Scholarship
  4. Executive Women Scholarship
  5. Entrepreneurial Grant
  6. Better Managers for a Better World Scholarship
  7. Student Loan Assistance Grant

Competition for scholarships increases as the starting date approaches and funds are limited, so it is advisable to apply as soon as possible.


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The Food and Beverage Manager is a professional who takes responsibility for the organization, maintenance of quality standards and costs of production, distribution and communication of HoReCa products.


On average, employees in the Food and Beverage industry have an annual salary of approximately €38K gross.


The world of food retail and distribution and HoReCa products requires highly specialized professionals with in-depth knowledge of the market, its competitive environment, the consumers and products. For this reason, a Specialized Master’s degree is the best solution to enter the world of Food & Beverage, without previous experience in the sector, or for staying updated with innovations and technologies in the sector.


Attendance for the Master is possible both On Campus and Online. In particular, our Online option is a guarantee of excellence certified by the EFMD, which has awarded four of the courses in our Master with the EOCCS-EFMD certification.


The guidance of experts and a network of managers already working in the food sector are of extreme importance in approaching a highly competitive environment. For this reason, the support of the RBS Career Service and the numerous meetings with professionals in the sector organized daily in class or during activities taking place on campus are the springboard to emerge among the many profiles of professionals and recent graduates eager to enter the world of F&B.