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RBS’ Impact: April

31 of RBS’ students changed their professional future and were placed in April in companies such as Max Mara, BMW, WFP, Borsa Italiana, NTT Data.

This Blog news explains the results of the Career Services and Entrepreneurship activity carried out during the month of April. In total, 31 of our students were placed. Moreover, our students this month had the opportunities to take part to:

  • 3 Company Meeting: Deloitte, Doctolib, BIP
  • 3 Virtual Look & Touch Company visits:  illycaffè S.p.A, SNAM Spa, Gi Group
  • 1 Guest lecture: Oracle

The Career Services help RBS Students to be ready to enter the job market, developing the right knowledge, providing the market insights and tools that they need to pursue a successful career in a specific industry. With the support of the Career Service the student can define the career path, develop a strategy, hone the self presentation skills, and sharpen the CV. Moreover, through the Career Services students have access to exclusive tools including a job portal, expert mentoring, consulting training, career targeting, and presence optimization. It provides everything the student needs to fulfil the aspirations, helping to make the most of the knowledge and capabilities of each of them. You can learn more about our Career Services and our Masters at:

Now thanks to RBS partners and the Career Services, 31 of our students have the opportunities to continue develop their skills, to put competences in practice and the possibility to growth professionally in companies such as: Disneyland Paris, Max Mara, BMW, Unicredit, Woolrich, WFP, Gi Group, Zuma, Borsa Italiana, NTT Data.

Meet the students: discover their path and follow their advice!

Giovanni V. now Functional Analyst Consultant at NTT Data

Giovanni V., from the Rome Business School Executive Master in Data Science, shares with his colleagues two precious advices, based on his personal experience.

My current path teaches me that it is not too late to change course even when you have already started a different kind of path. What makes the difference are: the desire for revenge, determination and looking straight towards the final goal. The lesson I learned? Do not allow yourself to be influenced by the opinions of others, by the fear of not succeeding and by the first difficulties you encounter.”

Léon D., now Technical Analyst at Borsa italiana

Léon D., from the Specialized Master in Data Science gave a beautiful testimony of his learning and career path, mentioning the most difficult moment but also his proud of having today a great job opportunity, providing interesting tips in order to achieve our dreams.

What brought you to Rome Business School? 

I found in this school the right Business School where to study in order to get rid of my organizational concerns because the master classes were held in the evening, therefore after my working day. It was a great personal challenge, difficult and challenging, but today I am satisfied. Towards the end of the master’s program, I decided to continue my career in the data world, but with a hybrid profile. Recently, I obtained at BORSA ITALIANA S.P.A of EURONEXT GROUP the position of Associate Junior Data Scientist, entering as Technical Analyst. They put their trust in me and I will do everything to achieve every single goal that will be given to me, it is a great satisfaction, but also the beginning of a new life

Why did you decide to join RBS, what did the master give you in terms of skills, competencies, meetings with companies and experiences? 

I was looking for a valuable international environment, and that would have allowed me to have a study program suited to my full-time work rhythm. I was looking for a course that offered both Managerial and Data science knowledge, in order to give a new boost to my career. I discovered and saw all these things in RBS. In addition to technical-managerial knowledge, the master gave me a lot of soft skills, which is a fundamental aspect in the working world. By participating in meetings with important companies and market leaders in the field of Data Technology and Artificial Intelligence like Oracle, Microsoft, I had the opportunity to touch and get insights on new technologies and their vision for the future

Stefano P., now Logistics Specialist at Bridgestone EMIA

Stefano P., from theSpecialized Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, talks about all the opportunities he had the change to grab and take advantage of at RBS.

“My decision to apply for this Master’s Degree was based on my aspiration to make a career change after I had lost my previous assignment as Front Office Manager at the InterContinental Shanghai NECC in June 2020 due to the disruptions brought by the Covid19 Pandemic. The Rome Business School offered me the right stage to challenge myself to acquire new competences while being steadily stimulated by excellent professors who shared both academic and practical knowledge. It has been a beautiful journey through which I also had the opportunity to meet students from all around the world, mainly already holding professional roles in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management field, creating the right conditions for inspiring and culturally enriching internal debates. I had immediately started interacting with the Career Service department that supported me in evaluating my CV and gave me the right tips to make myself noticeable in the market. I have recently taken over a position as Logistics Specialist at Bridgestone EMIA where I found an incredible team and excellent leaders that I am sure will give me continued motivation to keep on learning and improving while delivering the expected results. If there is one piece of advice I would give to any young professional looking at boosting their careers is to take one of the Master’s Degrees at Rome Business School aiming at widening their horizons and working opportunities.”

Maurizio S., now HR intern at Gi Group

Maurizio S., from the Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane, talks about his new role and the right attitude to succeed.

“I’m Maurizio Strano, a student of the Rome Business School, and a few days ago I started an HR internship at Gi Group. I am thrilled since my goal in the medium term was to gain professional experience at a multinational employment agency. RBS has provided me with the skills and abilities necessary to help me achieve my goals. I tell my colleagues in the master that with tenacity, perseverance, passion and investing in themselves, anyone can achieve their goals, large or small, just as happened to me!”