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RBS partners with Lami, eHealth Startup

Rome Business School is pleased to announce the beginning of a new partnership with Lami. Lami is a start-up that wants to revolutionize the world of health by changing the way people take care of themselves by applying human clinical science to technology. It is a primary care platform that provides answers on symptoms and health conditions, primary care and prevention – the three pillars of primary care, filling the vacuum left by the health system and the figure of the primary physician, in particular. Lami’s mission is to be a reliable and accessible reference point that serves as a guide to people’s health. 

“Today, in order to make business, and above all to make innovation, it is more than ever necessary to work as a team. At Lami we welcomed with enthusiasm the partnership with RBS because it goes precisely in the direction of openness and connection with the outside in which we believe and that we always try to cultivate. We believe that connecting the business reality of Lami with the academic one of the Rome Business School is a great way to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and opportunities, and to always have a look at the future while keeping people at the center – and managers – of today and tomorrow – say Davide Barenghi, Founder, and Chiara Frigerio, Co-Founder & CMO of Lami. 

“Rome Business School, with its wide educational offer, has seen in Lami an interesting growing reality with which to collaborate in many aspects and with which to create activities that combine business and managerial training. Of the mission and values of this start-up, we share the “people”, beneficiary of the work we carry out every day and in which we firmly believe to change their and our future” – says the Dean, Antonio Ragusa.