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SIAE and Rome Business School sign a partnership agreement

With the shared objective of structuring specialized and excellent training courses on the theme of Copyright. 

The “Italian Authors’ and Publishers’ Association” was founded in Milan on 23 April 1882. The association was formed by writers, musicians, playwrights and publishers of the time.  
SIAE is a society of collective management of copyright, that is,an entity constituted by associates (authors and publishers are its “associative base”), which deals with the intermediation of copyright. 

Authors and publishers who hold the economic rights to their works can entrust the protection to SIAE, which collects the sums due to the members and distributes them to each of them. 

Each year SIAE issues more than 1.2 million licenses for the use of works protected by it, facilitating the recognition of rights by all those who wish to use those works and guaranteeing authors and publishers the payment of fair compensation for their work. 
The Italian Authors’ and Publishers’ Association guarantees to its members the recognition of fair compensation for copyright, while ensuring general interests that are protected by our Constitution such as, for example, the promotion of culture, freedom of art, protection of intellectual labor. 

The collaboration between SIAE and Rome Business School is aimed at structuring innovative projects for the development of the internal Knowledge Base, for the strengthening of business training systems, with the aim of also identifying areas of evolution on the theme of Copyright. 

In 2022 we started a corporate training course completely dedicated to SIAE employees. A course on the topics of Copyright, which will be divided into introductory modules and specialized modules, and which will involve various profiles belonging to different business sectors. Today, we are at the first edition of this program: 12 participants are taking part in the lessons held by the Lawyer Paolo Marzano, co-head of the Intellectual Property Department that deals with intellectual property law, with particular reference to the fields of copyright, information technology and the protection of software and new technologies.