EURAFRICA – Europe can save itself by saving Africa

Antonio Ragusa and Diego Masi, education as a development key between Europe and Africa. 

A debate on cooperation between two continents that facing the giants of the world market are weak, but with enormous potential when viewed from a perspective of collaboration and exchange of “Know How”.

EURAFRICA, the new book by DIEGO MASI

The publication talks about a topic that is as much discussed as it is still little known and addressed: the relationship between Europe and Africa. A detailed and thoughtful economic, political and demographic analysis to understand the future of Europe and Africa on the international stage.

The growth of Europe has slowed down, especially in this post-COVID19 period, on the international scene the country is compared with the giants that dominates the world business economy such as China and USA. An idea to recover the European position on the market, feasible according to the type of available resources is that of growing and developing new skills simultaneously with Africa. An increasingly rich country in demographic resources and raw materials, still very poor, but precious in prospects if managed efficiently.

A vision not of true cooperation between continents, not of neo-colonialism but of mutual help. Eurafrica proposes a European plan for the development of the African continent. This plan is based on the creation of an African internal market, thanks to an agreed industrial policy. It is based on the creation of a European training and employment agency that can creates professional figures in Africa, to support development in their lands. It is based on a controlled and agreed migration policy, which privileges new skills and professionalism of African youth. 

One of the channels to best implement the African development prospect is through vocational training, education at all its levels is the first key of development as well as the beginning of the construction of a new and more evolved society. This is the base of the development program started several years ago by Rome Business School Nigeria branch is based on these values, with the goal of extending the boundaries of the Italian and European education. Africa and Europe will no longer seen in conflict but as allies that contribute to the growth of a new market. RBS does this through the implementation of various post-graduate higher education programs, which are projected on some classic management themes such as: Marketing and Sales, Human Resources and a program of great interest linked to a specific industry, the one of Agribusiness. Teaching entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to implement their business in the agro-food market.

A Know How dedicated not only to the development of existing talents but aimed as well to the creation and implementation of a real teaching structure, more efficient, based on the characteristics of the European one. This is the starting point to give birth to real internal leadership figures, not imported but original of their own country.

Thank you very much Diego Masi for the intervention and for sharing with us extremely  valuable insights.

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