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Dr Schär SPA

For our company meeting appointments, this time students will meet Dr. Schär SPA, a company dedicated to the production of Gluten-Free foods for celiac.

18 offices in 11 countries make Dr. Schär SPA one of the most influential companies for celiac products in Europe and the world. Italy, Spain, USA, Turkey, Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, Austria, UK, Russia. The Dr. Schär Group has built with its Dr. Schär, DS – gluten free, Glutafin, Ceres MCT, Beiker, Mevalia brands a vast assortment of traditional and frozen gluten-free products.

In Italy, the main office is located in Trentino Alto Adige since 1981 in Postal, near Merano. The headquarters offices are home of the central functions for all four areas of expertise. While in the nearby factories they produce daily consumer products and bakery products such as bread and other low-protein foods.

Dr. Schär relies on experience and innovation to improve the lives of people with specific dietary needs. Vision, Mission and company values ​​are: Responsibility, taking care of consumers and the future of the company, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability in all operations. Progress, that arises from the new paths we decide to take, with an eye to the future, we accept new challenges and take the initiative to constantly improve. Proximity, or the understanding and trust that unites the team and the company, recognizes its roots that sink them well into the ground, opening the branches to the surrounding world.

Close to the team members, close to consumers and close to partners. Dr. Schär is a great example for students, of unity in sharing values ​​and respect not only for the environment by operating in a totally sustainable way, but also for the person…at the center of every business activity both as customers and employees.

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