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Silicon Valley Bootcamp: students meet Meta, Cisco, VMWare and Salesforce

The Silicon Valley Bootcamp has come to an end. Just last week, students flew to the Silicon Valley, to partake in the dedicated bootcamp titled “World Technology & Disruptive Innovation”.

Students experienced an incredible week-long experience in Silicon Valley where the world’s biggest new technology and innovations were born and grew-from microprocessors to computers, browsers to social media, sharing economy to cryptocurrency. The program gave participants first-hand experience in Silicon Valley’s high-tech industry and taught them how entrepreneurs generate new ideas, assemble teams, start their companies, raise money, and scale-up.

Activities of the Bootcamp

The bootcamp was off to a good start with day 1 being dedicated to visiting the Meta headquarters, guided by Matteo Melani, engineer at Meta, discussing NFTs, creator economy and Web3 and later stopping by Stanford University.

Not only Meta, but also Cisco and Salesforce learning about new trends and how big tech companies think and operate, but also visiting incredible educational hubs such the University of California, Berkeley Campus and Stanford University.

“Failing is ok, use crisis as an opportunity and be brave.” stated Massimo Malizia, Director Corporate Development Integration at Cisco perfectly summarizing the mindset of the Silicon Valley Area, which applies to both big and small companies.

Students also learned about the intersection between the corporate world and the startup world with Mind the Bridge and, while at Onda, Flavio Bonomi discussed the startup environment stating: “Timing is fundamental to be profitable. Being a unicorn means that you go alone against the big companies until you grow and become their competitor.” Participants even had the chance to sit in a real Silicon Valley basement and discuss innovation, like many successful people before them.

Of course the experience also involved learning about the technical aspects of innovation with VMwareJuniper Networks, Synopsys: companies behind some of our most used apps and technology and that play a huge role in our everyday life.

It was a week of challenges, learning and opening for our participants who delved into new scenarios between strategy, digital technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. They learned about effective leadership and were mentored by inspiring professionals.

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