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Deadline for Capstone Project Submissions in less than 20 days

One of the most challenging, but rewarding, moments of a RBS student is fast approaching: the Capstone Project submission. The Capstone projct presentation is the culmination of all your learnings, an opportunity for a hands-on experience developing a strategic business plan, aimed at solving a real-life problem for a company, all while working in a team.

Students were able to select among real business challenges from companies such as: Hugo Boss, Save the Children, Oracle, Bayer, Unilever, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Tableau. The delivery date is getting closer and closer! You will have until August 23 to turn in your project. Demonstrate your potential and apply the knowledge gained during your training.

Tips for an effective presentation

  • Keep it simple: stick to one color palette, ideally one main color and one accent color, and preferrably one title font and one paragraph font. Use key words and images rather than long text blocks to convey your message.
  • Think of legibility: this goes hand in hand with the previous point. Make sure your contents are in high contrast with the background and avoid very graphic fonts that may be illegible.
  • People tend to remember the first and last thing they hear: these are called the primacy and recency effects, use them to your advantage by making the first and last section of your presentation more impactful.
  • Practice in your mind the first minute of your presentation: knowing exactly what you’ll say will help you relax and appear more reliable. Remember that the audience, in this case your Program Director, doesn’t know what you are going to talk about in detail, and they want you to succeed!
  • Get familiar with your environment: check your audiovisual equipment for any tech issue and make yourself comfortable in the room by preparing anything you might need during the presentation.
  • Wear an empowering outfit: wearing something you feel confident in will put you at ease and make you feel the part, avoid anything uncomfortable or unpractical so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Last but not least, remember that to accomplish this task teamwork is key. Good luck!

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