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Insight Interview with Professor Gloria Meneghini

Communications professor Gloria Meneghini recently gave us an interview about her path as a teacher/prof and some tips for her students.

Gloria has worked with reputable communication agencies such as Adnkronos Nord Est, Padua and Venice Universities and Legambiente (the Italian environmental protection league).

1. What do you consider your most profound reasons for wanting to teach?

Teaching is an ongoing process, and so is learning. I believe that teaching and learning are ways to keep on improving ourselves, our lives, and, consequently, our surroundings… for a start. 

2. What are your top expectations for students at the beginning of the semester?

That they are ready to think outside the box. Masters aren’t University. We will not be looking for theories or definitions, but for ways to make things practical. It’s going to be a how-to journey.

3. As a professor teaching at an international school, what aspects do you find refreshing about working with international students?

Their being open about differences and their being ready to learn from each other. I expect them to go beyond cliques and those they feel they are more related to.

4. What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were a young university student?

That the world is the only boundary. Or maybe it is also not one!! And also that theories are not realities, but that good practices and positive approaches help even the impossible to happen.

5. What’s the most important thing students can take away from your class?

It’s going to be very interactive. No questions, no lessons ;) My approach is also very practical and how-to oriented.


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