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Graduation Ceremony 2024

Graduation: a day to celebrate!

Rome Business School is very glad to annouce the Rome Business School Graduation 2024, and invites graduates and all their beloved ones to participate to the ceremony at the prestigious Palazzo dello Sport of Rome to celebrate all together the amazing learning journey our students have experienced and all successful achievements you reached with us.

Palazzo dello Sport

In presence between students and their loved ones at the Palazzo dello Sport, with over 3500 people between families and students following the event.

Agenda of the Ceremony

16:30-16:35 Start of the Ceremony

16:35 – 16:55 Graduation Patron Speech

16:55 – 17:35 Presentation of Graduation

17:35 – 17:40 Congratulations

17:40 - 17:50 Graduate Speeches

17:50 – 17:55 Awards

17:55 – 18:10 Inspiring Speech by Dean

18:10 – 18:15 Closing Ceremony

18:15 – 20:00 Cockail Aperitif

The Graduates’ Walk

As the sun set on their academic journey, the graduates’ walk became a great moment to celebrate their dedication, determination, and their dreams. Each step they took across the stage was a manifestation of the late nights, the heart-wrenching challenges, and the moments of pure joy. Their laughter, tears, and shared experiences resonated in every step as a reminder of the incredible bonds forged through the obstacles and triumphs of their educational journey. The graduates’ walk was more than just a symbolic crossing and a moment to celebrate their educational milestone with their family, it was a bridge between their achievements and their limitless potential, a moment of transition that brought them closer to the exciting unwritten pages that await them.

Watch the Video Summary 2023:

Experience the emotions, the cheers, and the unforgettable moments by watching our video summary of the Graduation Ceremony, a journey through the heartwarming highlights that will leave you inspired and truly proud of our graduates’ accomplishments. Don’t miss the chance to witness the magic of this significant event – click play and celebrate with us!

Q&A Graduation 2024

Here a Q&A useful for you in case of doubts, but you can always contact our team at: [email protected] for futher info!

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Can’t wait to see you at the Graduation Ceremony 2024!


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