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Innovation and Technology in Human Resources

Our Master in Human Resource Management is designed to provide professionals, skills and knowledge to meet the needs and challenges of the market in a people management perspective. The program is designed to train professionals who promote change and innovation, as the most effective method of generating competitive advantage, that can capitalize on new technologies, and have a solid appeal to the generations of resources that face the market and able to fully understand the importance of work / private life balance and professional ethics but above all, they are committed to developing, attracting and maintaining talents to ensure success in the new business ecosystem.

Change and innovation have also influenced the way of managing the “Human Resources” area, giving new solutions and bringing new aspects of the person and his presence within a company or activity into relief.

With the advent of Cloud technology, many companies believe that they need to adopt it in order to modernize their HR functions, creating opportunities that allow them to pursue one or more emerging trends in human resources and aim to provide a complete understanding of their employees and finally, to improve the workplace. The new technological trends in Human Resources will develop solutions that will reward employees’ commitment, diversify companies, expand internal wellness solutions and employ artificial intelligence to improve relationships and human resources.

Major contemporary HR trends

1) Employee involvement, which refers to the level of emotional connection and the commitment of employees to their organization. As employees feel valued, their dedication and enthusiasm for work, colleagues and the company grow. This in turn increases employee performance and productivity.

Increasingly, therefore, human resources personnel will turn to solutions for involving individuals to improve engagement and increase loyalty.

The real challenge will be in deciding which solutions will be most useful for employees, society and corporate culture. Currently there are a lot of options to improve employee engagement, such as the use of software to solicit and track feedback, measure results and promote positive activities. Furthermore, there are a variety of solutions to help engage workers, such as continuing education, career development, recognition of successes, as well as creating programs on topics such as physical, mental and financial well-being.

2) Recruitment processes: thanks to the new technologies, human resource experts have at their disposal a variety of new tools and techniques to select, train and educate employees and new hires. Among the main ones, Social Media, Chat – bots and artificial intelligence. These tools, in fact, are among the protagonists in the human resources sector and help HR managers to be proactive in recruiting.

Usually companies are constantly looking for employees able to work actively at a good level and to find them the emerging trend, it is no longer to wait for them to apply, but to recruit them.

Attention to the integration of diversity is also increasing, to improve performance at the company level, organizations are increasingly increasing the objectives of hiring diversified based on gender, ethnicity, culture and age.

3) Artificial intelligence: which is increasingly driving the new industrial revolution.

Companies use AI to better manage the amount of data available, improve internal workflows and increase productivity. AI technologies can help to improve employee experience by increasing engagement and to create a better work culture.

Among the main AI programs involving the employee are those for the:

  • Continuous performance monitoring;
  • Programs for the well-being and education of workers;
  • Professional training programs;

Companies will also focus on emotional well-being initiatives, including offering workshops on stress management and attention to awareness and integration of working life.

4) Less is more or more impact, with less effort.

Return to the essence of the HR sector and get the best possible result. This will be possible by keeping the Human Resources Department content focused on really urgent problems avoiding to set less useless meetings but more discussion sessions for updating and coordination, to save time and be more effective. Today there are numerous applications and technologies available in the HR area that can simplify the HR work.

5) Payroll systems with block-chain technology, implement this technology for payroll management. An open verification system that doesn’t need intermediation, third party control or the approval of the banks to make a transaction.

Many of the advantages of accepting cryptocurrency payments for companies, businesses or online businesses and professional offices are numerous:

  • Access to a global payment system without territorial limits;
  • Reduction of commission and / or collection costs;
  • Immediate and secure transactions, without any possibility of fraud;
  • Issue of invoices and receipts remain in euros;
  • Increased commercial visibility: both locally and online, through the system;
  • Speed ​​compared to traditional methods;

7) The importance and relevance of people.

As a final point, it is good to remember that despite the innovations and new technologies available, those who create Human Resources are the people. Machines, artificial intelligence, data are all elements that can facilitate activity and analysis; but the HR sector is made up of people, so, given that, in order to have a healthy company is fundamental to take care and give the right attention to personal relationships and to the psychophysical well-being of the individuals who compose it is.

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