MBA – Why to choose it!

Our International MBA was designed with the aim of increasing knowledge in the Business Management area, making every single participant able to work with managerial tools, reinforce skills and get qualified in this field. Everything enriched by networking opportunities both with our faculty and with professionals invited to our conferences, discussions and activities, which explore contemporary themes and play a fundamental role in increasing personal professional and cultural positioning.

The MBA is a master’s degree in business administration. Today considered one of the most prestigious titles that allows a complete and effective post-graduate managerial specialization. During the academic course, all the skills and knowledge of general management are strengthened. These skills are fundamental for those who want to increase their practical working skills and personal skills, opening the doors to managerial and business management positions.

When and why is it useful to attend an MBA?

The MBA determines an important improvement in personal skills and career, there is a significant link between the development of transversal skills (soft skills) and the professional effectiveness of the students. Today, increasingly, managers, business professionals and organizations from every sector and every functional area look at the MBA not only as a way to grow faster and reach managerial positions, but also as an opportunity to broaden their vision and understanding of the business system. The Master becomes an opportunity to rethink, update and broaden one’s skills respecing those developed with a career path often limited to a single field of study.

The key words of the MBA are growth and improvement, two fundamental characteristics for those who want to be ready to face the new challenges of a world that is changing faster and faster and where to compete in a global market, increasingly updated and diversified skills are needed.

The benefits of an MBA can be summarized in 5 points.

The network, developed thanks to continuous comparison and mutual exchange with the colleagues of the master, the teachers and the business partners. The experience of each participant integrates and develops the skills of others, stimulating in-depth information and bringing new knowledge. In this way relationships are increased and lasting relationships are established.

The development of specific technical and innovative skills, increased with an extremely pragmatic approach to real cases. The competences of the participants, acquired during the previous course of study or in the field, during the master the different ones are addressed and “put to system”. The MBA shows and analyzes all the main business functions, and enhance skills in areas such as marketing and sales, administration, finance and control, operations and supply chain, human resource management and strategy. Always working in a practical way and making the latest tools and strategies available to participants

Development of soft-skills, such as leadership, the ability to maintain control under pressure, delegation, the ability to work in a team, process vision, organizational awareness, etc. Through the different outdoor learning activities, the participants take part in initiatoves that help them focus on the behavioral characteristics of each one and that allows, therefore, to see their strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of colleagues.

The knowledge of ourself and the understanding of the type of competition that distinguishes one’s work environment. In this regard, our MBA program includes a period of analysis of personal skills. Aimed at analyzing and developing the wealth of technical-specialist and managerial skills acquired at the beginning and at the end of the master.

The care and development of communication as the ability to communicate more efficiently. communication succeeds when it is able to transfer security, adapting the dialogue according to who we are speaking with and in which situation. Focusing only on the important points without wasting unnecessary energy and communicating your ideas and / or decisions in a much more consistent manner.

Our MBA obviously has an international view. The Rome Business School Environment allows you to make an international experience while remaining in an Italian context. With students coming from all over the world and international internship experiences. Today it’s impossible to look at the market with a purely national eye, the future is global and new technologies increasingly help the elimination of communication barriers.

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