Success Story: Ani Mnatsakanyan

Ani Mnatsakanyan, from our Master in Arts and Culture Management, tells us more about her internship experience at the International Music Council, in Paris.

Another story about a successful path here at Rome Business School, our brilliant student Ani Mnatsakanyan started a new experience as Assistant to the Production Manager and Secretariat Assistant in the the 6th World Forum on Music, all in the fascinating frame of Paris.

She moved her first step towards the developing of her dreaming career and a way to practice all the notion learned during the Master studies.

First of all, which position do you hold at International Music Council and what are your duties?


I have been admitted to the International Music Council (hereinafter IMC) as a trainee, in the frames of the RBS Master in Arts and Culture Management studies to assist the IMC Secretariat and Production Manager in the activities related to the 6th World Forum on Music. My activities at the IMC consist of the following duties: 

  • General introduction to the IMC, its mission, vision and functions as a UNESCO partner NGO.
  • “70 Projects for 70 Years”
  • Outreach of the IMC member organizations in order to obtain the project presentation and posters for the 70 Projects for 70 Years” exhibition aimed at exposing the activities of the IMC members. 
  • Preparation and production of the exhibition 
  • 3. 6th World Forum on Music 
  • Speakers outreach 
  • Preparation and organization of the logistics of their arrival to Paris in the frames of the Forum 
  • Creation of the personal roadmaps for the Speakers for their stay in Paris. 
  • Welcoming high-level Speakers and panelists of the Forum Assistance in production (technical equipment, setups, etc.)
  • Work with volunteers involved in the Forum, Post-production – Follow-ups with speakers and participants, thank you letters, etc. 

Which aspects of your day-to-day tasks would you highlight?


The opportunity to get in touch with multicultural music community aimed at promoting the Five Music Rights proclaimed and adopted by the IMC. The importance of directs and personal contact with the speakers. The importance of apply professional skills in a new environment 

What was the selection process like and how did you prepare for it?


With the invaluable support and advice of my professor Alexandra Solea I have applied for the internship opportunity of the IMC. After being positively evaluated upon my CV, I passed a Skype interview with the IMC Secretary General and Project Manager and was selected for this position. 

With the support of the RBS Career service, a contract has been signed for my enrollment in IMC as a trainee. The most challenging part of the internship was the fact that there was no financial support provided. 

How would you rate the international experience that you had. Would you recommend it?


I rate the international experience positively. It has been an advantage to develop my professional skills in a new environment with correct guidance from the management and overall team. Paris itself was the cradle of international cultural life and activities that I tried to take part in. 

You come from Armenia, why did you decide to study in Rome?


Having almost 4 years’ experience in production and creative management in Armenia, I took a decision to embrace a new cultural environment and Rome was the best place for it, given the richness and diversity of its cultural environment. It was an important decision to enlarge the scope of my interests and an opportunity for new horizons and perspective that I still intend to apply in my home country – Armenia. 

Do you feel better prepared to approach the employment market?


Yes, I do. 

To finish off, would you recommend Rome Business School? Why?


As a young school, RBS, in my opinion, has already obtained its own place in the academic environment in Rome and Italy. I am grateful for being a part of your beautiful community. I am sure, the direction is right and with the efforts of the President and the whole team, the school will engage more students and will achieve higher ranks. 

Thank you.

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