The Rome Business School Welcome Week ends today

A week of training and entertainment activities, dedicated to welcome our students of the  2019/2020th intake and to introduce them to a new and exciting personal and professional experience

Rome, 26 October 2019

A new didactic year has finally begun here at Rome Business School.

Our Welcome Week hosted students from all over the world, with different cultural background and career goals. However, what they have in common, is the excitement generated by the discovery of something new. Some of them know Rome very well, others have chosen it as “home” for the next months, but one thing is certain, it is the perfect and timeless frame for learning and developing personal skills.

During the Welcome Week the students got to know each other, they met for the first time and attended introductory lessons of the chosen courses and on the internal dynamics of Rome Business School. Several outdoor activities gave to the newcomers the chance to explore the city and for those who were already friendly with the streets of Rome, to walk them again with some new friends.

Networking was certainly the central topic of the Rome Business School Welcome Week. “How to become a Networking Ninjia” is the title of one of the lessons that took place during these days.

But what is a Networking Ninja?

A Networking Ninja is a person who succeeds in establishing the right communication and influence to achieve his goals, which uses solid networking strategies to build quality relationships. The Networking Ninja has is mind open to new ideas and technologies able to create new opportunities.

The Ninja is always willing to share information, give advice and get in touch with people. His mission is to have a positive impact and improve the society.

“Are you a Networking Ninja?”

We close the Welcome Week and start the new accademic year with this question … because here at the Rome Business School communication and cooperation are the fundamentals of all the interactions, they generate creativity and especially in such an international environment, can build interesting collaborations …

Good luck to all of our students and lets begin!

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