Rome Business School opens the MBA program in Syria – with its partner MHRG Group International

Rome Business School announces the launch of three educational programs simultaneously in Syria, Qatar and Rome: MBA, Master in Political Marketing and Advanced Business Diploma 

Rome Business School  periodically collaborates with many international partners through different channels, using innovative tools and communication platforms connecting with students from all over the world.

On Friday  April the 17th, Rome Business School started the first online MBA program in Syria with the international partner MHRG Group International.

For the very first time, 12 students from different cities of Syria and Qatar joined the program connecting at the same time with Rome. The interactive learning methodology, that characterizes the Rome Business School, opens to new possibilities and training tools allowing education without limits. 

We are currently experiencing with the COVID -19 crisis, the need and importance of a digital presence to guarantee continuous fundamental educational activities.  Rome Business School has always adopted this philosophy in promoting education all over the world.  The continuous work and many partnerships are contributing to help the school furtherly grow in this area and support the students the best way possible.

Three are the international programmes that have started during the month of April at MHR Group International:

  • The Master in Political Marketing and Communications, with the participation of a consistent number of womencharacterized by strong determination in leaving a sign in changing our society.
  • The MBA, Master in Business Administration, fundamental program to boost the managerial careers in a local and international perspective.
  • The Advanced Business Diploma, a bridge program to the MBA, that will enable students to achieve their goals and implement their business.

Each of these sessions have received considerable positive responses, not only from the students but also from the Rome Business School and MHR Group International Staff and Lecturers, which have had a fluent interaction between each other contributing to an excellent outcome and a great start of the academic year.

Rome Business School will never stop pursuing the mission of growing better managers for a better world, but it can now be even more appropriate to describe it as a mean to unite the world: where distances are shorter and diversities no longer represent an obstacle, but added qualities and value to our experiences.  The globe doesn’t look so big anymore, the modern technologies and innovations are contributing in keeping people connected from anywhere and in various scenarios with no more limitations to education, collaboration and networking. 

Rome Business School Dean Antonio Ragusa was presented at the beginning of the courses to welcome the students, not only as an institutional representative but to give an overview of the school facilities and introduce the many future possibilities that are awaiting all our students during and at the end of their journey. 

At the same time Antonio Ragusa from Rome and Dr. Hassan Al Nouri, Founder and CEO of MHR Group International, from Damascus shared not only the values which characterize the Rome Business School’s programmes, but especially the expected achievements and the added motivational strive resulting from the educational path. 

A message of hope and motivation, based on the active and motivated participation of different students all with a common objective: don’t stop learning, following their dreams and reaching their goals!

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