Rome Business School launches a new Professional Master in Artificial Intelligence in response to the most in demand job profiles.

  • The Master allows to understand the strategic impact and value of AI in business in order to develop practical applications in multiple business contexts;
  • The Master includes the possibility to participate in bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Tuscany;
  • Participants will acquire not only technical knowledge, but also the soft skills essential to be managers capable of innovating through the Leadership Program module;
  • RBS offers participants a career acceleration program to improve their professional profile, as well as the opportunity to develop their own startup project through the RBS4Entrepreneurship program.

Rome, January 17, 2022. Rome Business School, a post-graduate training institute part of Planeta Formación y Universidades created, in 2003, by De Agostini and Planeta Group, has launched the new Professional Master in Artificial Intelligence aimed at professionals who want to learn how to exploit the full potential of new technologies within their business realities.

The demand for digital profiles specialized in artificial intelligence has increased exponentially in Italy and the rest of the world. “AI is attracting a huge amount of money, both from private and public sources, and is becoming the main catalyst for digital transformation for all types of organizations,” explains William Carbone, director of the Master’s program. “Several studies by McKinsey and PwC say that AI could generate between $13 and $15.7 trillion in new value added to the global economy by 2030.” In this context, training courses for business optimization and to take advantage of the cost reduction benefits that emerging technology can generate today appear crucial.

The Master, with a duration of one year but with a flexible formula that allows to combine work and training, allows participants to understand the strategic impact and role played by AI in business and, at the same time, to develop its practical applications, such as virtual assistants and chatbots, and to conduct AI projects aimed at creating new business models. The Master aims to train professionals who will be able to fill the professional positions most in demand in the market such as: CIOs, computer and information systems managers, business consultants specialized in AI, researchers and AI project managers, UX specialists, technology consultants and IT Risk managers.

AI isn’t just a technical topic, it’s a must-know topic in business. The applications of AI in business are increasing exponentially: for improving customer and employee relations, finding patterns in an extreme volume of data, performing repetitive tasks.” Carbone continues.

The Program has been developed with the contribution of CEOs and managers of multinational companies on the RBS Corporate Advisory Board (Microsoft, NTTDATA, Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane, Opinno, Tree, Coca-Cola HBC, HMD Global, Procter and Gamble and Sony and many others) in order to create valuable synergies between academia and business. This collaboration allows Rome Business School to offer quality content in tune with the needs of today’s businesses and to improve the employability of its students.

Practical Training

The Master’s program focuses not only on acquiring technical knowledge but also on soft skills, through the Leadership Program module, which are essential for effective leadership in a an changing environment.

Participants will immediately acquire specific skills in the business areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) in business and robotics. In addition, they will complete the Master’s program by investigating the ethical aspects, dilemmas and principles related to AI, new technologies and CSR, educating themselves as innovative and socially responsible leaders.

The second semester of the Master is made up of the Capstone Project thanks to which participants will develop a new technological solution for a business problem in the area of artificial intelligence, they will be able to choose whether to elaborate a business plan or to develop a specific solution for the application of artificial intelligence.

To enrich the educational offer of the Master, we provide the opportunity to put into practice the expertise acquired through the RBS4Enterpreneurship program, the RBS startup incubator, aimed at developing new startups projects. Currently, thanks to RBS’s efforts in fostering entrepreneurship among its students, 20% of RBS graduates are now entrepreneurs.

International Experience

In order to allow participants to apply the knowledge acquired in realistic business contexts in Italy and abroad, the Program offers international bootcamp experiences in Silicon Valley, Paris (in partnership with EDC Paris Business School), Rome and Barcelona (in partnership with EAE Business School) and Tuscany (in partnership with Castello Volognano).

In a week-long full immersion, students will be able to live a completely immersive business experience while expanding their professional network of contacts.

Professional Growth

Rome Business School also offers its students the Career Acceleration Program, specifically designed to help them develop the knowledge and tools necessary to pursue a successful career. In addition, students will benefit from valuable networking opportunities with top companies, meet recruiters through dedicated seminars, join events, receive individual career guidance including the RBS Career Fair, the Specialized Market Analysis Workshop and the Talent Focus.

Based on Rome Business School’s experience across its entire Master’s and MBA offerings, on average, RBS students experience a salary increase rate of 34% upon completion of the program and 92% receive new job offers.

This Master’s program wishes to provide a hands-on, agile learning environment for those interested in understanding AI and its impact on business.

It ensures a solid and intensive training and the knowledge necessary to align Business and Technology, strategies and processes within business management, studying the fundamentals of AI, its applications, Machine and Deep Learning, Exponential technologies and Robotics in Business, among other topics. Participants will also gain the confidence needed to transform companies into impactful, technology-driven, future-ready, innovative and sustainable businesses.” concludes William Carbone.

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