Rome Business School Startup Teams Meet Founders of Corptape And Up2You

The Rome Business School #RBS4Entrepreneurship incubation program continues and this time selected teams are joned by two young startuppers to discuss fundraising methods for their ideas. The aim is to give the 6 teams, that are into the incubation program, the right mindset and avoid common mistakes when developing their idea and beginning to interact with investors.

Our guests are Daniele Mogavero, founder at Corptape and Andrea Zuanetti, CEO & co-founder at Up2you.

The two speakers will be bringing different point of view and their own experience and advice for the teams.

Daniele Mogavero is a startup lover and he founded Corptape with the aim of bettering the startup ecosystem and creating an easy way to connect investors and startups. To do this his team interviewed over 400 Italian startuppers who needed a funding strategy. At the same time Corptape is a deal flow tool based on the investors’ interests, ensuring a match between startups and investors.

On the other hand Andrea Zuanetti, who has a background in Risk and Project Managementwho has built a startup focused on sustainability, offering tools to help people and businesses reduce their carbon footprint. The startup has raised 200k in seed money on its first round and has been recognized by national and international press as well as received several awards.

The participating teams all have something to learn from the experiences of our guests: from what worked for them and what didn’t, the steps they took and the mistakes to avoid.

Popular Fundraising Methods for a Startup

Different players can become investors of a startup, both private and public ones and several methods can be used so let’s see the most popular ones.

Trading services for equity: in this form of funding the investor becomes owner of shares of the startup in exchange for their investment and sometimes their know-how. There is an understanding that the investment returns will be delayed and that’s why investors are careful to pick ideas they believe will be successful, both assessing the team and the business plan.

Participating in an accelerator or incubator such as the one at Rome Business School: these programs help teams, usually in the early or MVP stage, develop their idea and upon qualification receive funding. In the case of the Rome Business School winners will receive €2,5 K prize in services package for the business development and growth.

Crowfunding: a popular way to raise money is through crowfunding platforms. Here people can contribute even small amounts to an idea they like. Popular crowfunding platforms are Kickstarter and CrowFundMe

Public contest: these government funded programs usually look for ideas that can benefit the community in some way perhaps helping the economical development of a specific area or being aligned with specific values.

As funding a startup is no easy task, anyone who is looking to be successful at it must go into it with the right mindset: it’s not just about having the right strategy but also about being resilient in the wake of rejections and having true confidence in one’s idea.

About RBS4Entrepreneurship

Do you also want to develop an idea and become an entrepreneur? The #RBS4Entrepreneurship Program helps you connect with a team or find an idea to work on and provides an open training program that is suitable to learn about the startup world and network with successful startuppers in dedicated talks and workshops.

At the end of the training program students and their teams can submit their project for evaluation and qualify to access the RBS Incubator Program where we will help the selected teams build a Minimum Viable Product. The selected projects will be admitted to the Pitch Day and the best project will be awarded with an amount of €2,5 K prize in services package for the business development and guided in an intensive 5 weeks-sprint based on the unique project needs.

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