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With the students of the Master in Sport and Life style Management we met the sports experts of the Capitoline Rugby Union. Roman Association Linked to the competitive and amateur activities of Italian Rugby, in the capital.

Thanks to the guidance of Giulio Toniolatti, Italian rugby player on the national and international level, we had the pleasure of meeting one of the most interesting sports realities in our territory. Born from the American and Anglo-Saxon culture, Rugby is now one of the most loved and practiced sports in the world, in Italy as well.

The Capitoline Rugby Union (of Rome) was founded in the summer of 1996 by a team composed of professional players, coaches and enthusiast’s rugby’s followers than have never practiced the discipline. Driven by one common desire and objective, the group works and has worked to start a real “Club”, intended not only physically but also mentally creating a community that took care of the development and growth of “all-round” young talented athletes.

In the last 5 years, the Capitoline Rugby Union continues to be a club that, as it grows, aims at always reaching the excellence not only on a sporting level but also on the stylistic choices and in the approach to the dynamics that every day they present to all members of the Club. During the first years of born of the Union it started from Serie B by being an amateur team, which no longer uses only foreign players but actually took up the challenge of fielding national players. In 4 years, thanks to a completely “homemade” team, the Capitoline Rugby Union won one game after another, getting steadily promoted and reaching Serie A in the first national division.

Their Youth sector is and continues to be not only one of the most important in Italy but also the most successful with a large collection of national titles earned which, added to the Mission of the Capitoline Union to “train as well as win”, grow athletes and people constantly becoming mature and champions not only on the game field but also in their soul.

The Capitoline Rugby is a real example of commitment, dedication and success as well as of humanity, ethics and respect for the social values ​​of the individuals in sport and in life.

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