Roma: The Eternal City

History and future in the same place

Have you ever asked yourself what it feels like to be walking on the same roads all the Roman emperors walked on? Once in Rome, you will have the answer. 

Flying birds, wind is blowing, someone plays a violin in front of a beautiful view of Rome. You can spot the Colosseo, San Peter’s Church, Piazza Venezia. The sunset is painting the sky. Are you dreaming? No, you are not. You are at Giardino degli Aranci, one of the most spectacular places in Rome. Rome was born on seven hills and, most of them, give you a magnificient view of the entire city. Being there at sunset or at sunrise is something you really can’t miss. 

If you look out tough, you won’t see skyscrapers or futuristic high speed roads. In fact, you will see a city that started its path a long time ago and it is not willing to stop. Rome is a city where history and future merge together. Rome is a city where you can find an enterprise’s office next to the Colosseo, a movie theatre next to Fontana di Trevi, Rome Business School next to Piazza del Popolo. 

Where history and future meet, this is the place where your new path will start!

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