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RBS’ Impact: October

75 of RBS’ students changed their professional future and were placed in October in companies such as Dior, Lidl, Cartier, Nespresso, Volksvagen

This Blog news explains the results of the Career Services and Entrepreneurship activity carried out during the month of October. In total, 75 of our students were placed. Moreover, our students this last month had the opportunities to take part to:

  • 2 Company meeting (LIU JO, Glovo)
  • 1 Company visit (Coca-Cola HBC Italia)
  • 2 Act Workshops (Manpower)
  • 1 Startup Talk (Rifò)
  • 1 EFMD Global Career Fair
  • 1 Fair Employability Workshops (Impakter)
  • 1 Personal Branding Challenge (Hays, Coca-Cola HBC Italia, Oracle)

The Career Services help RBS Students to be ready to enter the job market, developing the right knowledge, providing the market insights and tools that they need to pursue a successful career in a specific industry. With the support of the Career Service the student can define the career path, develop a strategy, hone the self presentation skills, and sharpen the CV. Moreover, through the Career Services students have access to exclusive tools including a job portal, expert mentoring, consulting training, career targeting, and presence optimization. It provides everything the student needs to fulfil the aspirations, helping to make the most of the knowledge and capabilities of each of them. You can learn more about our Career Services and our Masters here

Now thanks to RBS partners and the Career Services, 75 of our students have the opportunities to continue develop their skills, to put competences in practice and the possibility to growth professionally in companies such as: Cartier, British Council, Future Food Institute, Lidl, Nespresso, Sisal, VictoryArt, Volksvagen, Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, Dior, Siemens Energy, IQM Consulting, Manpower.

Meet the students: discover their path and follow their advice!

Rossella P., now Creative Copywriter at Digital Angels

Rossella D.P., student of the Executive Master in Marketing and Sales, said that the Career Fair gave her the opportunity to meet the company where she is now working for. She talks about how much was important to learn about soft skills and the networking she made at RBS!

Tell about yourself, your experiences and learning journey that have brought you to where you are today?

Working in communications is like exploring a jungle: you enter to seek refuge and end up building a hut. I began my journey in editorial communications, initially veering my experience toward journalism and publishing, but after years of research I identified my place, discovering in creative digital marketing communications the ultimate expression of my voice.

A first degree in Modern Humanities, a specialist then in Publishing and Writing, registration as a journalist: I arrive in Rome and start writing for Metropolitan Magazine, of which I become Editor-in-Chief in 2019. Between newspapers and publishing houses, I work as press office, editor, editorial reader, copywriter. During the pandemic, I start working for the digital publishing start-up Other Souls, with which I approach digital marketing and in which I combine my passion for writing with the innovation of the field of communication, marketing and publishing, in transversal roles, between SEO, Creative Copywriting, Brand Content strategy and storytelling.

Hence, the epiphany of recognizing the role and industry that most reflects me, and the consequent need to train and consolidate experience through the master’s program in Marketing & Sales. The master’s program presented itself as a concrete opportunity to realize my ambition, becoming a bridge to reach the opportunities I desired. A network of networks and moments that allowed me to define my path, find the position I was aiming for, and embark on a new path of growth and fulfillment.

What are the most important skills you acquired at RBS, which ones you will need to work on the most, and which ones to focus on that are critical in today’s world of work?

During our first class at RBS we introduced ourselves about 10 times, in front of colleagues, with professors, with coordinators: who are you, what do you do, what do you want to do? It sounded like a platitude, but that was the first lesson: learning how to introduce yourself — if you will, learning how to sell yourself — and in the same exercise being able to focus on what we actually are and what we are looking for. RBS focuses on soft skills, like this, because it prepares us for a world of work in which approach is part of one’s value. This is also why, during the master’s program, I focused a lot on honing skills like team working, active listening, proactivity, work ethic, and problem solving. There is still a lot to be done: the more we work with new people, the more we test our temperament; but the collaborative method I learned at RBS schools me even in the most difficult meetings.

Why did you decide to join RBS, what did the master’s program give you in terms of skills, competencies, meetings with companies and experience?

I came to RBS because, after having ranged a lot, I had definitely figured out which industry to work in but did not have the right means to establish myself. Even more simply, I had learned the strategy but lacked the tools: I wanted to consolidate what I had studied but also study what I had not known. And, in any case, I wanted to dive into the market from its internal network. The Master’s program answered my questions and at the same time asked me new ones, yet those very ones allowed me to make a decisive and conscious leap into my new present. The meetings with companies not only put me back in the game, literally out of my comfort zone, but also pushed me to know my limits and strengths. And not least, it is thanks to the Career Fair that I found my new job, playing a card that in another condition perhaps would not have been so lucky.

What do you want to focus on in your work experience today and what is your career goal?

I started working at Digital Angels as a creative copywriter, the job offer came within three months of starting my master’s degree, surprising me. This new path, which I take as I continue my master’s degree, allows me to put into immediate practice everything I continue to learn here. I am so satisfied with this work, for an impeccable environment and a more than stimulating activity, that I want to focus all my energy on this experience. I enter Digital Angels discovering a new way of working, one that finally satisfies my balance, and I hope to grow with and within the company. My ambitions are now also measured in its goals, with the hope of always transforming myself in its evolutions.