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Partnership signed between the Rome Business School and the Indian Institute of Logistics of Chennai

The Rome Business School is delighted to announce that it has signed an international partnership with the Indian Institute of Logistics, an Indian Business School with campuses in Chennai and Kochi.

For over ten years, the Indian Institute of Logistics has been providing its students with a training of excellence, occupying a central position within the Indian landscape for all those who wish to start or to give an impulse to their career in Logistics and Supply Chain. The IIL is also proud of having been the first Indian training centre to offer courses pertaining to this topic in the country.

The training offering consists in a Global MBA (Master in Business Administration) in Logistics and Supply Chain that, starting from March, will be held in the Chennai and Kochi campuses in partnership with the Rome Business School. The course, which will have an overall duration of 15 months, will be structured into two semesters; these will be separated by a 2/3 months period in which the students will be able to bring to fruition their newly acquired knowledge through apprenticeships and/or on the job training. On completing the course, the students will be directly awarded a Logistics & Supply Chain MBA certificate by the Rome Business School.

We are very pleased of having set up this partnership” declared Dr Antonio Ragusa, Founding President of the Rome Business School. “Our mission is to bring students, entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals to the highest levels of excellence, enhancing their competencies, their ethical approach to their business and job, and the ability to play a part in the development of a more humane and prosperous economy and society that respect the central role played by people.

Certain of the success of this new cooperation, we wish the students of the Indian Institute of Logistics a very gratifying academic year.