Ray Cazorla appointed honorary board member of Rome Business School

The Rome Business School is delighted to announce the appointment of Ray Cazorla as honorary board member.

Ray Cazorla is the founder and CEO of the Hispanic-American Association (HAC), a US company that operates in the field of training, research, entrepreneurship promotion and business development, with offices in New York, Santiago de Chile, and Madrid.

Ray is very involved in developing talent in the Hispanic community on an international scale, being also the founder of a network called “New York Summit” that aims at bringing together successful companies, associations, entrepreneurs, and managers operating in numerous professional fields both in Latin America and in the United States.
He is founder and CEO of the HAC Business School of New York, a university level Business School located in New York. The HAC Business School is an innovating institute in the design and administering of leadership development courses aimed at Hispanic and Spanish recipients living in the US.

He is also mentor and consultant in an international networking platform—the Global Business Network — which is a hub for talent, ideas, projects, global initiatives, investors, markets, and visibility opportunities. It is aimed at large, medium and small companies that are taking centre stage in the global market’s most dynamic countries and sectors. The network puts at their disposal a network of high level collaborators trained by recognised experts in the global business panorama, promoting mentoring as a tool for business development.
Ray is also a member of CEAPI, (the Alianza por Iberoamérica Business Council), in which he offers his contribution as mentor in the many conferences organised in Spain and Latin America, and a member of the US SPAIN EXECUTIVE, a non-profit foundation, located in Boston, Massachusetts, that provides services to Spanish businesspersons and managers in the US.
Ray is furthermore patron of the Parkinson Association, a cause in which he is constantly involved in person, with many awards for the beneficent support he has provided in over ten years.

He has been awarded the “Centenario de la Virgen del Pilar” medal, he is Doctor Honoris Causa of the Los Angeles Development Institute in Social Work, he has earned a Master of Business Administration at the l’Universidad de las Islas Baleares, he teaches Sales and Marketing Teams at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, he has a Business Consulting Master in Prevención de Riesgos Laborales (Health and Safety), he is “Leader of Learning” at Harvard University, and holds a Master in Forensic Psychology at Madrid’s Instituto Europeo de Psicología Dinámica (IEPD).

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