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Make the right move in the field of Design and Fashion Management!

Fashion has always been an extremely fascinating world. But building a solid career in this field is anything but simple: what is needed is passion, ambition and a solid preparation and study. This is the reason why we offer to our students the Master’s program in Fashion and Design Management.

This Master is ideal for those who wish to develop strong managerial skills, become specialists in the fashion industry and be competitive on the international market. The aim of the course is to conduce the student to become self-confident professionals capable of innovating the sphere of Fashion and Design, supported by qualified teachers constantly in contact with well-known companies and agencies.

The one of fashion is a wide field, extended on a global scale, and therefore requires professionals with an international vision. The roles within a brand are many: from creative occupations of the style office (creative director, stylist) to more managerial roles in marketing, communication, production, modeling, etc.

At Rome Business School we offer an interactive and engaging training of the highest quality in this regard, with a 360° teaching methodology on the student, including international internships and professional networking opportunities. Among the advices of our experts there is the one of always keep up to date with the latest trends: “being aware of what is happening in fashion is very important. This does not only mean looking at the collections of your favorite designers, but also reading economic articles, knowing what happens in the industry when a fashion house changes creative director, when it goes on the stock exchange and so on … “

There are multiple job positions in the fashion field and will not change over the time, what will change will be the skills required for the various professions. The drive for innovation in production is pursuing and will require ever more specialized experts in terms of technology and marketing, with a focus on identifying and retaining lifetime customers and demands.

Our Master, provides the key skills to succeed in the Fashion & Design Management Industry: Creative vision, Business models, Design Management and Technological Innovation. Very interesting is also the aspect of international opportunities offered during the educational path, with the possibility of refining skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship, innovation and other key topics in the business of fashion and design. Our international programs are distributed between Rome, Barcelona, ​​Dubai and New York.

Career Services facilities

Through our qualified Career Service, students will have the opportunity to undertake a personalized career path, designed to shape their professional profile on the needs of the labor market. All the internship experiences within the fashion industry are extremely educational, so it is very important to get the most out of it. For example: playing a sales role in a boutique is also fundamental for a young designer who aspires to managerial roles. Understanding which collections work or the customer’s behavior in a store and what he is attracted to, are important aspects for those who will conduce the trend one day.

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