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For two days Rome has been entirely dedicated to Technology and Innovation, on the 8th and 9th of November 2019 the Ostiense Talent Garden hosted Code4Future, the event created by and Seedble. An innovative space in the heart of the eternal city that collects Talks, Round Table Discussions, Events and much more to discuss topics such as Blockchain and Bitcoin, Virtual Reality, 5G, Cyber ​​Security, Digital Workplace, Data Cloud System and much more…

The world is constantly changing and sometimes we are not even able to notice it. Innovations in recent years revolutionized business and companies on a large scale. Even personal relationships evolved in front of the advent of new applications and technologies that have changed the way people interact.

How much do you know about Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoins? While About Virtual reality? Do you know how far Augmented Reality innovations have gone? Without forgetting the wait for the 5G explosion: will It keeps all the promises made during these years? Will it live up to expectations?

Code4Future was dedicated to the impact of these technologies.

With a special eye on women in Tech, femininity predominated on the stage of the event, at the Talent Garden Ostiense in Rome, not only to fight stereotypes that are still too strong in our society, but also to present the new Italian faces in the world of Innovation and Digital Transformation.

Here’s what we learned and what we can teach!

“Coding is becoming the new universal language,” explained Emanuela Zaccone, workload automation product manager in Hcl software. “Softwares haven’t only changed the history of technology, but are revolutionizing everyone’s life and creating opportunities that are no longer tied to their geographical location or gender.”

With Valentina Marini, senior HR consultant & trainer at Elis and co-founder of the digital civic education project #Galateo LinkedIn, they addressed “those working dynamics that, use corporate social media, videos, chat and applications for digital collaboration, requiring posters, guidelines and / or policies for a true and effective innovation of professional activities.”

With Raffaella Roviglioni, head of discovery for Fifth Beat, we have instead explored the ability to build the Customer Experience from data coming from research with people: “I started working doing field research, I am an agronomist. I learned that innovation often comes from the observation of processes, products or services on site “.

Tania di Mascio is a founding partner of Project Innovation, a start-up that has been dealing for years with putting the customer at the center of the research, design and implementation processes.

Objective: “Introduce participants to an innovative semantics recommender systems design method to show how Open Innovation can improve systems design experiences for web searches”.

Code4Future gave space to Crowdfunding, a financial tool yet to be discovered if associated with other emerging technologies. Ida Meglio, founder of the social crowdfunding platform, talked about it: “A bottom-up financing tool could become a frontier tool in the complex architecture of the cloud, the blockchain, the crypto currencies, defining a new time made of evolutions and revolutions in this relatively young financial sector “.

With Giada Susca, we reflected on the theme of the “Educating Community” which is not an exclusive concept of the school, but calls to work in a synergistic way in all the places where there is an “educational and social responsibility”. It is not possible today Sustaining exclusively to the school the educational task, but it is necessary to remain close to those who primarily care about education, through initiatives of innovation, co-creation, collaboration, participation”, explained Susca

The first day of work saw former minister Giulio Tremonti confronting Piervincenzo Russo and Mariano Spalletti on the main theme on the theme How do company logics change with Fintech opportunities ?.

The Bikeconomy also had a great following during the event, confirming the need to disseminate the phenomenon and its immense potential but also to let change for a “smart” future be managed only by excellence and great skills.

Do you want to know how to rethink the Italian education system to educate our children to be agents of change?

During the second day of the Code4future there was an air of innovation and evolution of the Italian startup ecosystem with Luca Tesauro, Luciano De Propris PhD, Gianmarco Carnovale, Alberto Fioravanti and Giovanni Tufani

Thus we begin the week projected towards the future, with an open mind and clearer ideas on innovation and “possibilities”!