How do you handle a career change? We discussed it with ManpowerGroup Italia

There are multiple reasons to start an educational journey such as the one with Rome Business School, you may be looking to acquire knowledge to apply upon entering the job market or you may be looking to experience tailored career coachings, international bootcamps or tapping into the Business School’s, network of professionals and companies.

Executive profiles often come to us looking for advice on how to handle a career change or gain those key managerial skills essential for growing in the job market.

As part of this journey the Executive Master students attended our workshop, in collaboration with ManpowerGroup, and held by Alessandra Laurenza, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Manager at ManpowerGroup Italia.

The workshop aims to help those who want to change their career path, wether in pursuit of a dream or planning to change roles or move to a new industry to gain complementary experience, the goal of this workshop is to offer concrete tools to take action.

About ManpowerGroup

Present in Italy since 1994, ManpowerGroup – a multinational leader in global workforce solutions – helps companies transform in an ever-changing world of work by searching for, evaluating, training and managing the talents that enable companies to compete and succeed.

For over 20 years, ManpowerGroup has been creating value for candidates and clients with strategic solutions in human resources management, through an extensive network of 230 offices and employing 1,800 people across the country.

ManpowerGroup’s solutions are divided into the family of brands Manpower, Experis, Jefferson Wells and Talent Solutions.

What questions to ask yourself when pondering a career change

According to our guest there are some key aspects and questions to ask yourself when making the move.

Find your why: what’s your reason for this career change? What is lacking now that you are hoping to achieve with this change? And when you do, how will you feel?

Consider changing positions within your company: making a career change can be daunting so staying in the same company can certainly ease the discomfort. Think about what responsibilities you’d like to have and either look for open positions or talk to your manager to find a solution that could work best for you.

Analyse job market trends and demands: take a moment to discover the most in demand skills of the 4.0 industry and more in general the social trends in the workforce. Think about the kind of environment, responsibilities and industry you’d flourish in and where those needs might be more likely to be met.

Lifelong learning: Don’t underestimate the power of lifelong learning, society and job markets are constantly evolving and you’re unlikely to be content in a fixed situation for a long time. Lifelong learning is how you stay passionate and relevant.

Talent is gold: Lastly don’t forget that the job market is regulated by demand and supply. Companies are constantly looking for talents who are cultivating the right skills so stay confident in yourself!

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