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Hays, Linkedin, Michael Page e Randstand, choose Rome Business School to enter in the Higher Education environment.

Every year over 252 multinational companies choose Rome Business School to get closer to the Business Education and to help developing student’s employability and professional evolution. Rome Business School establishes connection lines and partnerships with leading worldwide multinational companies through our Career Services activities.

How is a professional developed? What are the real skills that a young talent should have to enter the work environment today? What are the trends and business strategies adopted by multinational companies employed in innovation and technological progress?

Rome Business School’s goal is to promptly respond to these questions every year.  How? Through direct contact with a network of recruiting companies among the largest in the world and in continuous expansion, with which we periodically organize information exchange meetings aimed at improving the training offer, keeping up with the demands of the contemporary market.

We see emerging in the most frequent collaborations, in various HR areas, names such as: Hays, Randstand, Linkedin, Michael Page. The international giants among recruiting companies choose Rome Business School to offer their professionals and head-hunters to directly teach students, through workshop sessions and webinars, the competencies necessary to enter the work environment. The recent shared activities have led to an exponential increase of internships offers, as well as an enrichment and expansion of the teaching staff by including human resources and recruiting experts to the faculty of the Roman Business School, creating business networks among the most important especially with a global worldwide nature.

In what other ways does Rome Business School expand its skills and knowledge of the world of recruiting and company placement?

Business challenges – Hays, Randstand, Linkedin, Michael Page offer their experience to the Rome Business School to develop Capstone Projects, real projects and market challenges proposed by multinationals, opening to the creativity of emerging talents.

Company visits –  a look into worldwide realities while attending the courses. 

Publications, studies, research and insights – on the most popular topics of the moment, in one of the sectors that dominate the world economy.

With the conviction that what most drives all the activities signed by Rome Business School to close the gap between the academic world and the labor market, is essentialy to expand one’s horizons, strengthening the collaboration with existing companies to better prepare the talents of tomorrow, since its foundation, Rome Business School has focused all its efforts on creating a multicultural, diversified environment close to the work environment.

“Our international vision enriches our mission to train global leaders who can manage companies around the world.”

Cit. Rome Business School

The Career Services and the network of business contacts established by Rome Business School are therefore entirely dedicated to the sole expansion of the knowledge collected by the Faculty and the School community.  Exploring and seeking guidance also from global experiences, from the most ethical and sustainable management cases, from theoretical and practical research activities conducted by the most famous worldwide research centers, proposing ideas for development in line with social and consumption trends, aimed at offering professional training courses designed and intended for brilliant candidates.

These initiatives conceived and implemented by the Rome Business School with exceptional partners are aimed at providing students with technical and relational skills that add value to companies and organizations, producing a positive impact in society.

The Career Services of the Rome Business School is an area which aims to embody the spirit of collaboration between the academy and managerial world to train the leaders of the future. Taking full advantage of the teachings of international talents from the best recruiting companies such as managers, CEOs, professionals, representatives of major national institutions, companies, organizations and multinational companies present both locally and on a global scale.