Executive Education Course On Business Planning

The Executive Education Course on Business Planning took place on Saturday 19th August, 2017 at the Rome Business School Nigeria training centre in Lagos. The members of the faculty presiding were Humphrey Akanazu (Ph.D) and Jidonu Ebunoluwa (M.Sc in View).

The course was attended by Miss. Yvonne Mordi, an entrepreneur in the field of Hospitality and Catering Services. Also in attendance was Ms. Irene Onabajo, a versatile business manager and entrepreneur in the Agricultural sector (Piggeries), and a Non-Governmental Organisation.

The course was opened by Mr. Jidonu Ebunoluwa, who introduced the participants to the concept of business and planning; the need for a business plan. He further lectured on the right time to develop a business plan, the reasons for developing a business plan, the types of business plan, and the key success factors of a business plan.

After a coffee break, Mr. Humphrey Akanazu (Ph.D) facilitated the session by presenting the Essential Functions of a Business Plan and the Key Elements of a Business Plan. After the lunch break, he presented the basic structure of an effective business plan using Rome Business School Nigeria as a case study. Further presentations included the Business Plan’s Purpose, Structure, Costs, Pricing, Financial statements, Income statement, Balance sheet, and Cash flow statement.

Mr. Humphrey Akanazu (Ph.D) then awarded the Rome Business School Certificates to each of the participants.


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