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Agribusiness Management Programme for the Universidad Nacional Agraria

Last Tuesday, July 25, the Rome Business School hosted a delegation of Master of Agribusiness students from the “Universidad Nacional Agraria” of La Molina, and conducted a programme on themes of “Agribusiness Management“.

The programme, organized with the Department of Commerce of the Embassy of Peru in Milan, enabled students to get to know some of the most important Italian companies in the sector.

The company visit, organized at the port of Civitavecchia thanks to Dr. Giovanni Marinucci, Head of International Harbour Relations, enabled participants to be confronted with the new reality of the field of maritime trade.

In the afternoon the participants had the opportunity to be guests of the prestigious Confagricoltura, the agency that represents and protects Italian agricultural enterprises and pursues the economic, technological and social development of agriculture and agricultural enterprises.

During the conference, Dr. Tufarelli, Dr La Magra, Dr. Castello and Dr. Perricone introduced the agency and its work, presenting its historical and current profile. In an impeccable and engaging manner, the session covered topics related to the challenges that the world of agriculture is facing in these particular times.

For the Peruvian participants, the meeting was an important opportunity to become acquainted with the international reality of the Agribusiness field, in contexts that are part of the same sector, but to which it contributes in unique and specific ways.

The Rome Business School finally wishes to thank the Universidad Nacional Agraria of Molina for participating in this programme, the Embassy of Peru’s Department of Commerce for its valuable collaboration, and those who made this experience possible, like Dr. Marinucci, Dr Tufarelli of Confagricoltura and Dr. Raffaele Maiorano (President of Giovani di Confagricoltura and Vice President of GFAR).