Rome Business School’s E-Health and Telemedicine Management Master course students visit Italtel

On Wednesday, December 20th, the Rome Business School’s E-Health and Telemedicine Management Master course students had a chance to visit Italtel, a leading telecommunications company, as the first of their many company visits.

Italtel designs, develops, and implements products and solutions for networks and next-generation communications services based on IP protocol in Italy and in many countries worldwide. At the beginning of this year, Italtel had launched an advanced telemedicine solution that revolutionized home care by providing the required infrastructure and services necessary for complete care management. The combined platform integrates remote monitoring, telemedicine and remote consultation, the monitoring and purchase of medical drugs, storage and analysis systems, and the recording of medical data. It provides real-time services to simplify the experiences of outpatients and improve interaction between them and the hospital. Through this solution, operated on a smartphone or tablet, medical practitioners can monitor and manage patients in real-time and put them in contact with doctors and specialists via remote video. The platform also enables doctors to record the patients’ vital signs in real-time and store records of current treatments, prescriptions, and tests to better inform any changes in therapy.

The students had a chance to learn more about Italtel, its history and evolution, but the most fascinating and exciting part of the visit was having a chance to see a live demonstration of how the technology works. Moreover, the session was wrapped up by an engaging Q&A session and, thanks to this visit, the students were able to witness the practical application of the concepts they had learnt in class, which made this a very inspirational and educational company visit.

Pedja Ivovic (E-Health and Telemedicine Management Master course student)

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