#RBSLovesNature – Interview to Marzieh Nouri, student of Rome Business School

Marzieh Nouri is a student of our Master in Marketing and Communications who proposed to our Marketing staff an initiative that the school has received very positively. In this interview she explains what “RBS Loves Nature” is and how you can participate, spreading your passion for photography and nature.

Marzieh, would you please introduce yourself and tell us more about you?

My name is Marzieh as you mentioned. I already have a Master in accounting and I have approximately 13 years of experience in the field of finance. Right now, I am a Rome Business School student. I am really into nature. I am kind of a mountaineer (not a professional one) and I do love exploring nature as well. I am interested in being in new, unknown and weird places. I could say that travelling is one of my hobbies these days.

Which programme did you attend at the Rome Business School and why did you choose to enrol in our institution?

I am studying Marketing and Communication. Well, as I did not have a pleasant experience with a university in Europe two years ago—which led to me dropping out—I decided to be very careful about choosing another European university or college. After much searching, I figured out that the Rome Business School could give me what I wanted, especially in view of its high quality teaching methods and didactic tools, and, more important, its staff.

How did you come up with the “RBS Loves Nature” idea?

As I mentioned, I love nature a lot. Whenever I get sick and tired of something, the best way I can relax is by spending some time in the heart of nature. I cannot explain how nature gives me an unbelievable power to leave all issues behind and helps me to get back to my jobs with a high level of energy. All my friends consider me a person who always has a powerful source of positive waves. I would agree with them, and I should say that I owe my positive mindset to nature. It gives me happiness and peace. My soul flies with every facet of nature. As a human being, I am really into sharing all my great feelings with others by connecting people to nature. The most important thing that helps all of us to rebuild our relationship with nature is believing that it has heart, just like all of us, and that it is our duty to find, feel, and take care of it. As I became familiar with the Rome Business School’s uniqueness, I felt that it would possible to rebuild the relationship with nature I mentioned before by starting the “RBS Loves Nature” campaign.

Can you explain to our readers how they can participate?

It’s very easy. They need to pay attention to nature and to the world around them in a different way. Try to find and feel nature’s heart. Go to nature. Spend some time there and let us know about their feelings. They can record their experiences by taking photos and sending them to us, it’s that simple. I think we all can take care of this great treasure that belongs to all of us by sharing our experiences. Just the thought of losing nature should remind us that we need to pay a lot of attention in taking care of it.

Do you think that your love for nature will be part of your future, also in your career?

Definitely. Nature is the only treasure that belongs to all human beings as I mentioned before. It is our duty to take care of it like we do for our family, children, friends, and everyone we love. Imagine the world without nature. Can you imagine? I do not. Because I can’t. What would happen if we could not see flowers, trees, jungles, etc.? I cannot really imagine that.

Thank you Marzieh. We’ll wait for you all on Instagram with our new hashtag #RBSLovesNature!

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