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Tips for your Capstone Project Presentation

One of the most challenging, but rewarding, moments of a RBS student is the Capstone Project submission: the culmination of all your learnings, an opportunity for a hands-on experience developing a strategic business plan, aimed at solving a real-life problem for a company, all while working in a team.

Students were able to select among real business challenges from companies such as: Hugo Boss, Save the Children, Oracle, Bayer, Unilever, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Tableau and had until August 23rd to deliver the project plan.

Next deadline: August 30th

A crucial part of the process is not only submitting the written project but also presenting it. Here’s some tips on how to deliver a great Power Point presentation.

Submit the project presentation: 3 tips for a great presentation

  • Define the style of the presentation: Choosing the style before getting your hands on the presentation will, in fact, allow you to identify the theme to be developed and, above all, the logical thread to follow to connect the various slides that make up the presentation.
  • Choose legible typefaces: This aspect is of absolute importance if you want to produce a presentation that is pleasant to follow. It is not a given that the audience to whom you will present your project will be able to read the text of the slides: much depends on the fonts used and their size.
  • People tend to remember the first and last thing they hear: these are called primacy and recency effects, which can be used to your advantage by making the first and last sections of your presentation more impactful. Remember that teamwork is essential to accomplish this task. You will have until 11:59 p.m. to turn in your project.

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