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TIM Company Data Center Virtual Visit

RBS students had the chance to virtually visit Telecom Italia – Tim’s data center facility with the supervision of Paolo Maria Innocenzi, AI, Cybersecurity and IoT expert. Mr. Innocenzi guided students through the many features of the data Center which holds space for over 1.600 racks, has fireproof security cells for safe data storage and automatic backup management systems plus energetic efficiency criteria to reduce CO2 emissions.

It was a unique experience that gave students the chance to understand a different side to the biggest communication company in Italy, getting into many technical specifics such as DC Tier IV and Big Data, Hybrid Cloud and VLAN Extention, Convergent Architecture and Easy DC-Fabric Architecture.

This kind of TIM Company Data Center facility is among the most innovative, and is able to:

  • Hosting of customers’ data cloud, thanks to our very high availability levels (SLA Tier IV)
  • host blade infrastructure, on high density slot spaces (up to 15kW/mq)
  • Real time monitoring (also on mobile devices) based on new generation racks
  • Network architecture supports the new «cloud DC» paradigm: Fabric Ethernet, spin-leaf, SDN e NFV, based on a POD structure (fiber optic horizontal distribution)
  • Latest generation VAS services (AFA Storage, Backup on demand, Control Room as a Service

Moreover, the enabled solutions Paolo Maria Innocenzi explained to our students were:

  • Big Data: DC Tier IV enables TIM’s customers application deployment “Big Data related”, like e.g. business analytics, on TIM’s infrastructure available. 
  • Hybrid Cloud: VLAN Extention services geographic distribution between client and DC Tier IV enabling both private (Overflow, Live Migration, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity) and public cloud infrastructure. 
  • Convergent Architecture. Unified data center architectures combining omputing, storage, networking and management on a dedicated ITT platform for physical and virtual environments.  
  • EasyDC-Fabric Architecture: as a single layer 2 access to Data Center block, L2 optimized loop free with cabling and delivery time cost reduction.

Many thanks to Mr Innocenzi from TIM to share his expertise and deeply explaining the innovative technologies introduced by TIM, in this engaging and interesting Virtual company visit to the TIM’s Data Center.